The 3 Keys To Tracking Facebook Engagment [VIDEO]

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When it comes to Facebook, engagement is everything. For those of you stuck in the old mindset that your #1 goal is to simply get users to Like your page, it’s time to re-evaluate…

That’s no longer what truly gets rewarded on Facebook. In fact, having thousands of inattentive, unengaged fans is actually a negative, because it weighs down your engagement, which hurts your EdgeRank. And I hate to break it to you, engagement is what makes things go viral.

In fact, high engagement levels have an exponential effect on your reach… Why? Because the EdgeRank algorithm says so. Low engagement levels, on the other hand, will make your updates almost invisible in the news feeds of all of those who’ve Liked your page.

So how can you make sure your EdgeRank is headed in the right direction? It’s actually pretty simple. Here are the top 3 things to look out for:

  • The Green/Red Arrows – The quickest way to check how you’re doing is to click “see all” on your admin panel and check the arrows. If they’re all green and pointing up, you’re good. If not (like in the photo to the right), you’ll need to do some investigating.
  • Virality – Located just beneath your engagement graph (the one under the green/red arrows), is a lost of your posts and a list of metrics that includes “Virality.” This metric will tell you what kind of posts are getting traction, and which aren’t.
  • Page Engagement Levels – To get your overall page engagement, you simply divide the number of people “talking about this” by your page’s total likes — average page engagement is 2%.


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