Sell Your OWN Instagram Photos With Statigram [UPDATED]

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UPDATED 1.11.2013 – Thanks to Kate Buck Jr., I just found out about another Instagram tool that makes selling your Instagram photos even easier! It’s called Instacanvas… I’ve updated this post to include links… enjoy!

If you have an Instagram or Facebook account, you probably heard about that little user revolt that sprang up in response to the new terms of service — you know, the ones that supposedly entitles Instagram to sell your photos without telling you…

FYI, not only did Instagram back down from the changes, they actually lost a whopping 1/4 of their daily active users!

BUT enough about that… Here’s what you probably didn’t know about Instagram. Lots of photographers with an entrepreneurial streak have been selling their own Instagram photos for a long time now.

Here’s how it works:

  • You use Statigram to publish/track/promote your Instagram photos.
  • Create an account with Instacanvas and select the photos you want to share.
  • Instacanvas’ partners can turn your beautiful photos into calendars, coffee mugs, iPhone cases, magnets, and even homemade throw pillows…
  • And you get royalties. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. It’s “print on demand” so there’s no up-front cost for you.

Let me start out by saying that this isn’t the way to make millions as a photographer. However, it’s a great way to promote your work  and build your brand as a photographer. It’s also an easy add-on service to your existing business. Wedding and baby photographers… I’m looking at you.

Like all social media, it’s up to you to figure out how to get the best returns for your particular business. Still, if you take photos or produce artwork, this is a very hands-off way to generate some passive revenue… and who the heck doesn’t want that?

Passive income is what everyone in their dog is after. Even if it’s just a few bucks, it always feels like a big windfall, right?

Combine Statigram’s power to promote your Instacanvas submissions!

Then it’s time to seek out all the great affiliate marketing opportunities out there…

Here’s a short list of the services that partner with Statigram:

Oh yeah, and Keepsy has it’s own affiliate program that offers $5 for each album purchased by one of your referrals!

Do you have any experience with these services? I’d love to hear about your experiences good or bad.


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  • Ray says:

    That’s pretty interesting Josh. Thanks for the info!

  • Tony Perino says:

    After a quick scan of the Statigram website, I saw no clear reference to the legal aspects of copywriting photographic content or obtaining written releases from subjects in iphone photos. Is that a whole new area yet to be discussed?

    • Josh Loposer says:

      Very interesting point. A lot of similar questions came up when Pinterest first started gaining traction. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t heard much in the way of Pinterest lawsuits…

  • Sally says:

    Thanks for the information. Good stuff!