Wondering How To Get Your Business On Facebook?

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Have you been wondering how to get your business on Facebook?  Business pages on Facebook are designed for people that want to have a page for their business.  Business accounts function differently than personal accounts on Facebook. A business account has less access to information than a personal account does, which means the administrator of a business page can view their pages and ads but cannot view profiles or timelines of users.  The business page can only see the content on their page.  Business accounts can not use the friend request feature either, they have the “like the page” function instead.

To learn how to get your business on Facebook you can check the Facebook help section.  There is no requirement to have a personal profile to create a business page.  Start by creating the business page, or a business ad, along with all the information requested.  Next you will see the login page, and if you do not have an established account just provide an email address and date of birth.  You may have multiple business pages, however, if you try to have multiple accounts you will be violating Facebook’s terms of service.  So make sure to understand all the Facebook’s terms of service when learning how to use Facebook for businesses.

A business page can be handled by multiple administrators, which all of the administrators will need to have their own accounts on Facebook, and then be made an administrator of the business page.  Then the administrators will be able to manage the business page from their own account, by using the application called the page manager, which is in the upper left hand column in the applications section.  An administrator will see this function after they have become an administrator, which will have to be granted by someone who is already an administrator of the business page.  All the administrators are equal, with each one having the same abilities.

An administrator should understand how can a business use facebook, so reading all the help sections on Facebook is a key first step.  The administrator has the ability to edit all the pages they are an administrator of, along with any ads associated with the business page.  An administrator can edit, add photos, events, and videos to the business page.  As an administrator you will also have access to the statistics for the business page and its ads.  People will not be able to see any of the administrators.

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