The Update Traffic Strategy

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Yes, technology is improving at an unbelievable rate and, yes, good developers are always seeking to improve their products. BUT there’s a strategy piece to the upgrade that is often lost on small to mid-size companies.

So what is it? The simple fact is that any new device, operating system, or update is an inbound marketing opportunity.

In most internet marketing companies, a launch is simply about the product being launched. And often, that’s because many of the products we deal with have a ridiculously short shelf-life.

In other industries, where more sellers understand the importance of evergreen offers, a launch is actually about new traffic inflows. In fact, a launch can even be a loss leader, designed to sell the rest of your catalog.

Amazon reportedly loses money on every Kindle Fire sold in order to sell more digital products. With each new Android update launched, Google knows it will have more users downloading new apps. With every new iOS update, Apple knows that it will see a corresponding bump in users who want to find new ways to explore the new capabilities.

Think about how many users immediately navigated to the App Store to find new iOS6 fodder. Think about how many users downloaded Google Maps to replace the much maligned iOS6 map. Even an unpopular update still gave Apple some benefits in terms of downloads, traffic, etc. See the chart:

Massive companies like Apple have an army of marketing coordinators that can dedicate a ton of time to find ways to exploit these bumps in traffic. Clearly, not all of us have that kind of manpower…

However, we can all leverage the same strategy to some extent. Or we can at least work toward that as a goal.

Most of us do this with our email lists, cycling through our newest offer, then older offers, then affiliate offers, and so on. Unfortunately, we don’t do it as well with our traffic. Few of us use our launches to get more value out of our traffic. Whether it’s exit offers, downsells, upsells, or retargeting, it’s important to engage the traffic that lands on your site.

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