The 2012 Holiday Marketing Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Halloween is over, friends, and the very lucrative holiday season loometh on the horizon… Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Best Buy camp outs, shoptastic last minute deals, it’s all happening. Is your eCom site prepared?

The thoughtful folks at SteelHouse created an awesome checklist in the form of an infographic for anyone who need to trick their offers out for holiday traffic.

There’s a ton of helpful information in the graphic. For example, the breakdown of what users want (deals and easy checkout) and the 5 ways to boost your holiday marketing. But the most important takeaway is the fact that there’s still time to prepare and, in their words, “Test, Test, Test.”

If this is the first time you’re really trying to use holidays sales to catapult your profitability, you’re going to want to treat it like a launch. You’re going to want to test all of your properties and monitor them in real time to make sure everything is converting.

Free shipping, bundling discounts, upsells, hassel-free returns… these are what your competitors will be offering, which means that all of this at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.

You’re going to have to sweeten your offers to make them CyberMonday-tastic, or visitor will spend their money elsewhere. In fact, the more competition in your niche, the sweeter and more attractive your offers need to be. Comparison shopping rules online… it just does.

Surprisingly, second only to “Word of Mouth,” social media is credited as the best place to get the word out about your killer offers. Online ads are third… I wonder if that includes sponsored social ads?

To boost buyer intent, you’ll want to call in some email marketing backup. If you have a list, use it to drive traffic to your hottest offers in the lead up to Black Friday. Email marketing may not be the way to reach the biggest pool of users, but since you have a relationship with them, it’s a great way to kick start some “word of mouth” buzz.



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