Meet Carrot: Your New Snarky To-Do List

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Right off the bat Carrot introduces itself as the to-do list with a personality. And sure enough it has one. If you’re a productivity nerd like me you’ll geek out over this new app. What can I say? Marketing is a busy, task-filled job that requires constant organizing just to stay on top of things. Adding a little humor to your task list can be a welcomed relief during a busy day.

Carrot’s claim to fame: A simple to do list that rewards you for getting things done and punishes you when you don’t.

The app functions much like a hellish game. Get things done and you’ll beat levels, gain rewards, and make your task accomplishing a little more devilishly fun. Because let’s be honest, hell hath no fury like a to-do list left undone.

Carrot has “mood swings”. Check things off your to-do list and she’ll be “Pleased”. Continue getting things done and you’ll be rewarded by moving through levels to unlock new features, learning how to say something in binary (Carrot taught me “manatee” which she said would probably come in handy later), or maybe most importantly- just making Carrot a happy camper.

Slack off and she is sadistically mean. Her “ocular eye” turns red and her mood swings anywhere from “Annoyed” to “Wrathful”. I’ll be honest, Carrot’s intimidating and I’ve been trying to keep her happy. So I have yet to experience the full extent of her fury.

Carrot is currently $0.99 at the iTunes App Store and definitely worth a try if you’re looking to spice up your productivity. Take it for a test drive and let me know what you think!


Fun perk- Carrot doesn’t like it when you tap her “ocular eye”. Keep doing so and she’ll warn you. Continue to prod and her mood will swing from happy to horribly furious.

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