It’s Not The Offer, It’s The Call-To-Action

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Coming up with super attractive offers is a fine art, but presenting those offers with the proper CTA is just as important. Actually, it’s more important…

Lots of companies have a great product, but don’t know how to market it effectively. Good marketing is almost always the difference between success and failure. And there are really two factors that control the effectiveness of an offer: A psychological factor and an scientific factor.

Of course, the psychological factor is extremely tricky to pin down. It’s basically a combination of good marketing intuition and testing to determine which copy presses the right buttons with prospects. But the best copy in the world can’t work it your prospects don’t see it.

That’s exactly why I recommend focusing on the science of CTAs first, before you start tweaking your copy. Basically, it’s a situation in which you need lots of traffic to get useful results, i.e. you need to be absolutely certain that users are seeing your ads. It’s all about placement, emphasis, and focus.

Here are a few tips to make sure your CTAs are getting maximum visibility across all of your marketing channels.

4 Keys to CTA Visibility:

1 CTA at a Time – We often get caught in the trap of wanting to present too many offers in one place. The problem is that this almost ALWAYS hurts conversions. Multiple CTAs don’t make an offer more enticing, they tend to dilute all offers.

– Tiered Benefits – Even though your offer may include a bulleted list of benefits, you’ll want to do the heavy-lifting for your readers. Highlight the single, most important point in bold and a with a larger font size.

– Above the Fold – If an opt-in is the goal of your CTA, put that sucker above the fold so every single visitor sees it. It’s really a no-brainer, so don’t be one of the surprising number of marketers who get this wrong. If you’re going for the sale, however, you’ll need a CTA at the bottom of your page to appeal to readers that actually engaged with the copy all the way through.

– Highlight the Value – Don’t forget that your prospects most likely don’t place a lot of value on simply opting in to your list. You need to approach the CTA through the mind of a customer, focusing on the 3 things that motive people to take action: Gain, Fear, and Logic.

HINT: This is why so many marketers use price strike-throughs like: $197 FREE! It’s not subtle, but it works.


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