Weekend Roundup 10/22/2012

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In honor of our newly revamped blog, I’m trying something new this Monday — what I’m calling the “DM Weekend Roundup.”

The DM roundup is a short and sweet recap of all the smartest, hottest, or most kickass tech news from around the web… plus any other random cool stuff I feel like including. Why the hell not? It’s Monday and we could all use a little pick-me-up!

Newsweek Will Transition Publication into a Purely Digital Format – Effective on January 1st, Newsweek is literally getting out of the print publishing business. Will the major news source survive the transition to a 100% digital format? Either way,  you’ll have to find something else to flip through at the dentist’s office.

Google Introduces the Disavow Links Tool – Bad inbound links can hurt your rank in the search engines, although you have little control over who links to your site. Now, there’s a way to disown — or “disavow” — those sketchy links so they don’t effect your ranking… for better or worse.

Bleacher Report and the Evolution of the Content Farm – The user-generated content model is making big money for some folks. Bleacher Report, the sports blogging network, was purchased by Turner Broadcasting for a cool $175M. That’s some pretty good money for a content site where you don’t even produce the content!

7 Targeted Social Networks for Niche Marketers – When we hear social networking, most of us think of Facebook and Twitter… but what those networks offer is far from a targeted audience. Other networks give you access to a much more targeted audience, even if they’re only a fraction of the size.

Charge Your Phone by Moving your Body – Forget about those crazy hand-crank survival radios… there’s nothing good on anyway. Now there’s a device that converts your kinetic energy into battery power… the drawback is that the nPower PEG is possibly more expensive than the device you’re charging.


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