Another Mobile App Rakes It In 18 Months After Launch [VIDEO]

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The market for mobile apps is heating up again… not for consumers (where it never cooled off), but for tech companies looking to buy quick mobile growth. Yesterday, entertainment software company Autodesk announced it was buying video-sharing app, Socialcam, for $60M.

It’s far from the eye-popping Instagram deal from earlier this year, but yet another media-sharing app has managed to ride exponential growth into nice payday in only 18 months. Earlier this spring, video-sharing app Viddy was valued at $200M with 26M active users. In contrast, Socialcam has a whopping 54.7M active users, but only managed to pull $60M.

Did Socialcam missed the big money by only a few months? Or maybe the $1B Instagram deal has made the Mergers and Acquisitions people leery of massive payouts on the front-end, offering equity as a sweetener? Either way, at least Socialcam managed to sell at the height of its relevance, unlike Digg.

No matter how this deal is structured, the most important takeaway is that big companies are all getting desperate to build up their base of mobile users.

Like I wrote about in yesterday’s post, Apple, Google, and Amazon are basically betting all of their future growth on the growth of the mobile web. According to it’s pre-IPO audit, Facebook desperately needs to do the same thing.

The switch to mobile isn’t just the next big marketing trend, it’s WAY bigger than that. It’s really the first big format change that the web has gone through. The “desktop web” is being overtaken by the “mobile web.”

Your ability to make this format shift will determine your success as a digital marketer, not in the next few years, but over the next few months…

It’s high time that you started implementing a mobile strategy. If you’re a DM Labs member, but sure to check out Ryan’s next live RAW Training, “Appify Your Blog: How To Create An iTunes-Ready App In 5 Minutes,” tomorrow at 3PM Eastern.

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