Android Expands Market Share, Users Line Up For The iPhone [CHART]

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Nobody likes to be second fiddle, but in the case of smartphones, the second fiddle is clearly scoring all the chart-topping, platinum hits…

According to a ComScore’s latest figures, the Android OS has captured a solid majority of smartphone users in the US since April, moving from a commanding 50.8% to an even more impressive 52.2% market share.

That means, if you’re designing a app (possibly using our “Appify Your Blog” training as a template), you might want to consider building that native Android app even more than before. That’s because it’s both more likely than not that your users are surfing in on an Android, but also that Google Play is a much easier environment for developers.

Getting your app accepted by iTunes, on the other hand, is notoriously difficult. For years, the statistic has been that 50% of all apps submitted to the App Store get rejected at least once…

However, iOS is clearly the most desirable platform for marketers and developers alike… and not just because of the smug, coolness factor either. Over the same time that Android’s market share grew 1.4%, Apple’s grew by and even 2%! This is only a 3 month period!

Apple now claims a 33.4% market share when it comes to smart phones. And with the invitations for the iPhone5 unveiling sent out this week, Apple make gain more ground on Android.

It all comes down to the devices and their desirability, doesn’t it? Android has become the default OS for 52.2% of smartphones, regardless of quality.

Plenty of android powered devices are amazing… yet many of them also suck. It’s a problem that can really dilute the power of your brand.

It reminds me a whole lot of a huge software company that became the OS of choice for desktops and is now struggling to catch up to the mobile revolution — Microsoft lost .4% market share over the same 3 months.

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