4 Reasons You Should Sell Your eBooks Directly Via Ganxy

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When you think about selling an eBook, you usually think about getting it set up on a retailer like Amazon, B&N, or the iBookstore and driving consumers to those sites to make a purchase. But many authors and publishers are discovering that they have another option they can choose instead of, or in addition to, selling through the big retailers.

With a good direct sales solution, they can elect to sell eBooks directly from their websites, Facebook pages, blogs, or anywhere else consumers discover them. Through direct sales, authors and publishers gain more flexibility, more profitability, and more control over sales.

In this post we’ll take a look at four of the reasons you should consider using Ganxy’s service (http://get.ganxy.com/directsales) to power direct commerce for you.

1. You don’t have to worry about setting up eCommerce

The last thing that you, as an author or publisher, want to think about is the intricacies of providing commerce. Ganxy handles everything you’ll need to sell your eBooks online, from collecting payments to delivering content to providing customer support for buyers.

We even let you sell in the file formats of your choice (ePub, Mobi, and/or PDF) and provide a guidance interface that gives buyers detailed instructions on how to access their eBook on the device of their choice.

In just a few minutes, any author or publisher can set up a direct-sales enabled Showcase (just like this one for Mark Cuban’s book) that they can share, email, and embed on any website, Facebook page, or blog.

2. You earn more money when you sell directly

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating your eBook and you’ll be spending more time and effort marketing and promoting it.

There’s no reason to send all of the traffic you’re generating to the big retailers who are going to keep 30 – 65% of every sale. Instead, sell directly to your audience and keep 90% of the net on every sale.

3. You can more effectively promote your book

As digital marketers selling an eBook, you have a simple goal: expose as many people in your target market to your eBook as you can. As you market and promote, you’ll be hitting potential buyers across a variety of different platforms, including your website, your Facebook page, Twitter, forums, blogs, and more.

Ganxy makes it easy to have your book look great across all of those platforms. A Showcase page (e.g., http://ganxy.com/i/73559) can be emailed, posted to a Facebook newsfeed, and shared via Twitter and any other social network.

You can even embed it on your website, blog, or Facebook page (see author Sarah Dalton’s embedded page here). The simple point is that everywhere you put that book in front of potential buyers, you’ll make it easy for them to get a feel for it and to buy it.

4. You can build direct connections with your buyers

One of the major drawbacks of selling through the big retailers is that you’re essentially giving away your audience. When you push a customer to one of the big retailers, the retailer keeps your customer’s email address and even markets potentially competing products to them.

Ganxy lets you collect customer email addresses so you can keep in touch with them about future projects. Also, since you present the book how you’d like, there are no competing products or any other distractions that you can’t control.

Ganxy in Action: A Digital Marketer Original eBook

Let’s look at a specific example involving Digital Marketer. Digital Marketer has been producing quality content for quite some time and, as a result, their readership has been steadily expanding.

Why not take the best of their articles, package them together, and sell to readers who might be interested in having some curated content to read on their tablet or eReader? By clicking on this Showcase link (http://ganxy.com/i/74532), you’ll see that this is precisely what they were able to do.

As a matter of fact, it took under 24 hours to create this eBook and make it available for sale!

“Be Smarter in 2013: The Best of Digital Marketer” by Brainlingo on Ganxy

In Summary

If you’re thinking about creating and selling an eBook (or are already doing so), consider direct sales as another sales channel that offers some pretty compelling benefits.

There’s no exclusivity when selling direct with Ganxy, so you can simultaneously sell via any other retailer you choose. To get started, go to http://get.ganxy.com/directsales – it’s free to set up and only takes a few minutes.

Happy New Year and happy selling!

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Josh Cohen is the co-founder of Ganxy, a company that empowers content providers by breaking down the barriers that separate them from their audiences. Ganxy’s easy-to-use tools, like the Ganxy Showcase, have helped authors, publishers, and musicians like Wiley, The Economist, and Diversion Books take control of how they present and sell their work across the web. Ganxy, founded in 2009, is based in New York.
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  • Max says:

    To Barbara: Actually, you CAN publish your book in the Kindle marketplace and still publish your ebook elsewhere. You only agree to publish on Amazon exclusively if you sign your ebook up in the Kindle Select Program, which is optional but not required to publish on Amazon. There are some advantages to joining Kindle Select, but the obvious advantage to NOT joining is being able to publish to Amazon’s 70% market share of online ebook sales and still publish your ebook elsewhere, too!

  • Barbara says:

    When publishing on kindle you agree to offer this publication in electronic form ONLY and exclusively on Amazon.That is what Ryan said and what I read on Amazon. How can we offer it elsewhere?

  • lisa guest says:

    Bryan Knight. I have been looking for the Bryan Knight from the old neighborhood. If this is you, google me and please get in touch.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you, I appreciated this information. very much.

    I have heard about a site that lets authors auction off books that they have written but not published. For example, I could write a book on small engine repair, and list it on this site and let people bid on the ownership rights. Conversely, if I was an author and I wanted to buy a book on lawn mower repair to complement my already published small engine repair, I could buy the rights to this book and sell it as my own. Do you know anything about this?

  • Carolyn says:

    Confused!! I recall at the Traffic and Conversion Summit that we were specifically told to publish through Amazon – now you are suggesting Ganxy – Please enlighten me!

    • Josh Loposer says:

      Amazon and Ganxy aren’t exclusive. You can use Ganxy to showcase a book that you’re selling on Amazon, or you can publish the same ebook on both platforms.

  • Toni says:

    This was a a very insightful article. Thank you very much. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to make more money on their sale. The ability to sell directly, build relationships, and have more control is great!

  • Joshua Cohen says:

    Paul, good question. To add to what Josh L said, the two services do compliment each other. BookBaby is a great service which is going to distribute your eBook to Amazon, B&N, and iTunes (they’ll also help you with formatting). Once those books are for sale on the retailers you can add the retailer links to your Showcase. At the same time, you can use that Showcase to sell directly to your audience and earn more money and have the ability to keep customer email addresses. Then you can promote your Showcase everywhere…So, the two services are definitely a good combination!

  • Paul says:

    This sounds great! Can you please tell me how Ganxy differs from Book Baby? Can I utilize both or is that a duplication of services? Thanks!

    • Josh Loposer says:

      Ganxy is designed to showcase books and music that it sells directly. You can include buy buttons for books you’ve published on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc. It also doesn’t charge an upfront fee of $99. I don’t think Ganxy offers formatting or a custom printed book service, there may be room for utilizing both.

  • Joshua Cohen says:

    Books sold via Ganxy are DRM-free. To make sure buyers have a good experience, authors can offer in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats (any or all) so that buyers can access on all of their devices.

  • Christine says:

    How do you protect your snooks? Can you cop write them

  • Joshua Cohen says:

    Here’s a comment from the other “Josh.” We’ve been been working with eBook customers since 2011, although we publicly launched our eBook product back in October.

    Josh L hit the nail on the head above. The idea is to use Ganxy’s Showcase wherever you’re marketing to potential buyers. You’ll make it easier for them to buy your content. Tweet your Showcase link, embed it on your website, blog, etc. It’s a consistent message and a nice way to display your book to your target audience.

    Net Sales refers to the cost of the book less any payment transaction fees, generally around 5%.

  • Bryan Knight says:

    Is Ganxy new? How would people find my books/ That is, how does anyone know Ganxy exists? And what do you mean by “net”?

    • Josh Loposer says:

      Ganxy is relatively new and there are a LOT of ways to use the platform. For example, you can publish Ganxy showcases on your blog, website, or your FB page. Ganxy lets you keep 90% of sales, so that’s nice. You can send email users to your Ganxy pages also. You just paste the embed code and SHAZAAM! there’s your showcase!

      You can even embed your showcases into comment threads like this one!

  • Brian A. says:

    Dear Joshua: Very encouraging! Thank you for the article!