Using YouTube for SEO Purposes Increases Conversions And Sales

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When you use YouTube for SEO and get top ranking, you will greatly increase YouTube views to your videos.  With YouTube being the second most highly trafficked search engine on the Internet, and Google being the top searched website on the Internet, you can see why this strategy is so important.

You can send tons of traffic to your videos by using YouTube for SEO.  Wen you get your videos ranked at the top of Google for relevant keywords, traffic will begin to pour in to your videos.  You will be able to increase YouTube views to your videos when ranking in the top spots of Google by using SEO, because the top spot of the organic rankings on Google typically gets 46% of the clicks from the page with the second spot getting approximately 13%.  This is over half the traffic that the whole SERP’s page gets, so you can easily see why SEO for YouTube can be such an important strategy to increase YouTube views.


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YouTube and SEO can also go hand in hand, not counting the traffic you get from Google to your videos.  When you use SEO strategies for your videos, they can rank higher in YouTube also, which will cause your videos to get more views from the people that are surfing around YouTube.  There are a lot of people that would rather watch a video than read text, so they do their searching through videos for information they are looking for.

This holds true for people that are searching on Google also.  YouTube videos that rank on Google will include a thumbnail image, so when people type in keywords and see an image with all the other results on the page being text links, they will normally click on the image.  This image makes your results stand out above all the rest, and with people having such a short attention span, it is important to stand out.

Local business can use SEO for YouTube to gain new customers, because many people are searching on their mobile phones for information about a business.  Today’s marketplace is turning to the Internet for reviews, information and recommendations for local business often while in route to purchase products and services.

Using YouTube for Local SEO can place you far above your competition, because if people are searching on the Internet and they find you in the top positions for relevant keywords related to your business with testimonials about your products and services, don’t you think it will increase your chances of them choosing your business to visit or call.

The recently released “YouTube Google Hack” eBook that was published by the Digital Marketer Labs, provides simple steps to follow to use YouTube for Local SEO.

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