How We Make (At Least) $1000 a Month From Every Blog We Start

February 26,2014 by
Ryan Deiss

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on building authority sites through blogging:

This is the difference.

The difference between the broke, frustrated blogger and the high-profit, authority blogger is…


The broke blogger doesn’t know his numbers.  The broke blogger doesn’t measure.

If this sounds like you… it’s not your fault.

They don’t teach this stuff in college.  Heck, they don’t even teach this stuff in graduate business school.

The crazy thing is that it’s not even complicated math.  If you know your multiplication tables, you’re good.

Here’s your key metric: $1 per subscriber per month

Here’s how you get there…

It’s that simple.  It’s math.

For every 1,000 subscribers, you earn $1,000.

In the Content Marketing Mastery training we’ll show you how to build your blog, grow your subscriber base and sell them high-profit offers.

We’ll show you EXACTLY how we’ve done this for dozens of blogs in multiple niches.

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