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9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 28,507 Subscribers In 45 Days for Digital Marketer…)

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This little baby generated 28,507 leads in 45 days…

Lead Magnet Examples

It’s called a Lead Magnet and if you don’t have one — or don’t have a good one — this article could literally change your life.

Lead Magnetnoun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer.

It’s the first step in my Customer Value Optimization process.

We’re going to look at 9 different types of Lead Magnets in this article and the absolutely WRONG question most businesses are asking about generating leads.

But first, you must understand the single most important element of a successful Lead Magnet…


I have great news.

Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy.  Or complex.  Or time-intensive to create.

In fact, a long and complex Lead Magnet will likely convert poorly.

You simply need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.

Here’s the key…

Your Lead Magnet must be consumed by the prospect for it to have an impact.

The perfect Lead Magnet will offer tremendous value within 5 minutes of the opt-in.

This is a “rule of thumb”, of course, but we don’t recommend, for example, a mini-course delivered over 14 days or a 300 page ebook as a Lead Magnet.

These Lead Magnets take too long to consume and are unlikely to be specific.

Notice how simple and specific this Lead Magnet is…

Specific Lead Magnet

On the other hand, this Lead Magnet is non-specific and takes 20 weeks to receive the full pay off…

Non-Specific Lead Magnet

Shoot for the former and not the latter when creating your Lead Magnets.  The good news is that the first one is much easier to create than the second one — and it will convert better.

Let’s look at some Lead Magnet types (with examples) that do it right…

1 – Guide/Report

Reports and Guides are amongst the most common types of Lead Magnets.

If you use a Lead Magnet of this type — be careful.  You could easily violate the specificity rule with this kind of Lead Magnet.
Here’s an example Free Report Lead Magnet opt-in from Joe Polish at Piranha Marketing.

Lead Magnet Example - Report or Guide

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2 – Cheat Sheet/Handout

Cheat sheets and handouts work well.

They have a different “feel” to them than Reports or Guides.

They are generally very short (one page or so) and cut straight to an ultra-specific point.
You can deliver these as checklists, mind maps or “blueprints.”

Here’s an example mind map used as a Lead Magnet…

Lead Magnet Example: Mind Map

Notice how the mind map is blurred out to build curiosity.

In one case, we actually used a NAPKIN (or the image of it) as a Lead Magnet,

Example Lead Magnet: Cheat Sheet

3 – Toolkit/Resource List

A Toolkit or Resource List can make a great Lead Magnet for the right business and market.

This company is offering a Time Management Toolkit in exchange for contact information,

Lead Magnet Type - Toolkit

And this is one of the tools that is delivered after the Lead Magnet is taken by the prospective lead,

Lead Magnet Type - Toolkit

4 – Video Training

If it makes sense and you have the skillset, video can be a very effective way to deliver on your Lead Magnet.

This video is a simple screencast using software like Camtasia or Screenflow that we used to deliver on a Lead Magnet at Digital Marketer,

Lead Magnet - Video Training

This first video delivered one Facebook Marketing tactic and made a pitch to receive a second Facebook marketing tactic if an email address is entered.

5 – Software Download/Free Trial

Software companies often offer a Free Trial of their software as a Lead Magnet.

Here’s how Bidsketch, a SAAS proposal building application, asks for an opt-in to start a free trial,

Lead Magnet Type - Software Free Trial

6 – Discount/Free Shipping

For those selling physical products on or off-line, discount clubs or Free Shipping offers can be an effective Lead Magnet Type.

Here’s how New Egg generates new leads using an offer of Promo Codes sent to the email inbox.

Lead Magnet Example - Discount or Free Shipping

7 – Quiz/Survey

A quiz or survey, the results of which are delivered via email, can be a very engaging way to generate new leads.

You can use a quiz building tool like Interact to create these quizzes.
This is what the Lead Magnet offer looks like on the home page of a home improvement company,

Lead Magnet Type - Quiz

The quiz is a fun and interactive way to capture new leads.  Here’s a question from this quiz…

Lead Magnet Example Quiz Question

Once all the quiz questions are answered, the prospect is presented with this opt-in form…

Quiz opt-in Form

8 – Assessment/Test

An assessment or test, particularly if it is delivered online to increase the speed of consumption and gratification, can make a powerful Lead Magnet.

Hubspot, a company that sells marketing software, has been generating leads with their “Marketing Grader” for years,

Lead Magnet Type - Assessment or Test

9 – Blind/Sales Material

In some cases, the most desired piece of information for the market is pricing and descriptions of products or services.

Ikea harvests contact information in exchange for their catalog. And they can deliver it digitally to speed up consumption and gratification.


But how do I get traffic to my Lead Magnet?

Wrong question.

The fact is that traffic is all around you.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn (just to name a few obvious sources) have millions billions of users they’ll happily send to your Lead Magnet.

You just need to cut them a check.

The right questions to ask are:

  • What offers will I make to new leads?
  • How well do these offers convert?
  • How much is a visit to my Lead Magnet landing page worth?
  • How much is a new lead worth?
  • How much is a new sale worth?

What if I told you that every time you generated a visit to your Lead Magnet landing page you made a $10 profit?  Could you get traffic to that page?

Sure, you could spend up to $10 to generate that visit without losing money.

It isn’t difficult to answer these questions.

Start by understanding the complete Customer Value Optimization (CVO) process.  The Lead Magnet is Step 1 of the 5-step process.

Then, understand these two simple metrics that determine what traffic, leads and new sales are worth to your business.

You don’t have a traffic problem.

With the right Lead Magnet in place and a strong funnel behind it… your business will become a lead and sales generating machine.

Questions?  Comments?  Let’s talk about them in the comments section below.

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Ryan Deiss is the founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. Over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have: Invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests Generated tens of millions of unique visitors Sent well over a BILLION emails, and Run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests Ryan is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted over 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries. Connect with Ryan on Twitter or Google+.
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  • Sandis Viksna says:

    What is a good traffic amount or $ to spend on testing a lead magnet? What % is considered as decent and what is a good standard.

  • tabz says:

    It’s going to be finish of mine day, but before finish I am
    reading this great paragraph to increase my experience.

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  • Stephen says:

    Hi Ryan.

    Great !!! Many thanks for the exposition on creating lead magnets. I am a newbie……How do I create one in a niche for “weight loss” and what lead magnet type should I use ?????

  • Denise says:

    I was unable to find the free Lead Magnet Checklist..your web site kept giving me errors

    • Lindsay Marder Lindsay Marder says:

      Hi Denise, can you tell me what kind of error you received?

    • Martin says:

      Cool read. Hey, the thing about all this stuff is it’s all about how to make money online. If it were a product or real service I could get excited but it’s a round and round make me dizzy system. What’s the point? Is it money? Money isn’t my main objective. I want a life. I have a life. It’s all 8th grade level simple just boring as hell. Any good post and keep playing house!! Martin

  • Brewster says:

    Massive information and very up-to-date. Also tested information which is invaluable. I would difinitely like to be a member of DM Labs. They are one of the best Marketers around today.

  • Great ideas. I hadn’t thought about offering the ones mentioned in 4 to 9.

    I’m thinking of creating something new each week or fortnight.

    Question – when should you offer a lead magnet for sale? Sell first then give out for free? Or give for free then sell once it becomes a hot free item?


    • Russ Henneberry says:

      Sometimes your Lead Magnet would be better suited as a Tripwire offer and vice versa. Take a good look at this article – http// to learn more about Tripwire offers.

  • James Blakeley says:

    Great information, very useful and actionable.

  • sid says:

    As a lead magnet for my barbecue diner, I was thinking of using an actual real napkin. Or do you think a ‘wet-nap’ would work better?

  • Rebecca Lutz says:

    Excellent article, very helpful advice. I am working on incorporating more lead magnets to use for my online course. Your advice helps as I work to draw the right people in with an enticing lead magnet that will help them get started!

  • Kaye Fenley says:

    When I clicked the download link for the Blog Ideas, all I got was a blank page. Outlook is a different looking email. Maybe a download has to be a special type. I like your blog about how to write better blogs and would like to see more.

  • Friday says:

    This is exactly the spirit – Ryan.
    Thanks for always being valuable to us through your awesome posts; this information will greatly help a lot of us to be able to capture leads with different lead magnets.

    Thanks also for the tips on how to create quick and “to the point” type of lead magnets.

  • Dion wright Wright says:

    I’ll have to think more about the type of lead magnet i will offer, but now the freebie makes sense to me. it never did before, to be honest but now it does. It’ll just take some thinking to figure out how to create the first one.

  • John J Lambert Jr says:

    Just from doing this first training in the checklist module, I know that this is not fluff, but real business strategy. Thanks a lot for your excellent training…I look forward to my success in implementing these strategies.

  • Clarentino says:

    Hey Ryan, I’m going to use some of the ideas you have on this post. I’ve been looking for ideas on how to create lead magnets and this might just be it. Thanks!

  • Amy Hagerup says:

    Extremely powerful information. Thanks, Amy Hagerup

  • Ron Cross says:

    Hey guys,

    I have a great lead magnet that converts well, but I’ve struggled with whether or not it’s too long. It’s a 5 day video vocal training course, which of course pitches a full length paid course at the end. People rave about the free course but very few upgrade to the paid course. I know my sales page needs work and I may need to test different prices. But I’ve been wondering if I need to shorten the free course to 2 or 3 days. These are short 10 minute vocal lessons by the way, which leads to a pitch for a full length home study course. Thoughts?

    • David K says:

      Hey Ron,

      In the case of your magnet, it may not be too long. 5 days is a single business cycle, and memory cycle, so it may be a good fit.

      Is there a way to package it into a single day for s split test?


  • Terence Holder says:

    Great article, I am going implement a few new strategies today!

  • Ray John says:

    Nice Article!
    This is exactly what we are working now to get more leads.

  • Ramesh says:

    Great post, Ryan. I especially like the cheat-sheet/handouts idea. Something easy to consume – because as you mention with the 20 week course offer, it takes awhile to reap the full benefits of it. You could say the same of idea #1 – guides. Some people take forever to simply getting down to reading a guide – and then reading it all takes an even longer time! Depends on the person too.

  • Corey Potter says:

    This is awesome! Great to see examples and your thoughts about them.

    My struggle is much less about getting the leads (lead magnets are easy), but converting those leads to sales. Seems like if I get 100 emails from a lead magnet, only about 10-15% will even OPEN a follow up sequence email, and then an even smaller percentage go on to purchase. I know thats part of the game and as I get better at the process I can get the numbers up… but I really want to figure out the perfect process to get the paid product in front of the prospect at every step so they have the opportunity to buy while they are motivated.

    I think thats the part of my funnel that is broken right now… just gotta figure out how to fix it…

    • Evan Bang says:

      Corey, it sounds to me that you have the right ideas in line. If you are already a member of the DM Labs I would take a look at the Exectuion Plans on how to increase conversions. Best of luck to you!

  • justin says:

    Great article as always.

  • Michael Rowland says:

    Thanks Ryan good to see you walk your talk Everything you put up – even though I have been running websites successfully for ten years – always gives me an insight or a ‘ah ha of course’ moment.

  • Jason Daye says:

    Excellent article… and thank you for highlighting Interact as I had not come across them before. I checked them out and Josh was quite helpful! Looking forward to developing some quizzes in the future.

  • Hannah says:

    EXACTLY What I was just working on, my lead magnet…THANKS !!

  • David says:

    Greatness guys!

    I can see my lead magnets has been too comphrensive :-)

    I think it is great yo experiment that much and even better… share the results with us :-)


  • Jamaica Winship says:

    One of the most useful DM posts I’ve read! I was going to create a basic quiz using playbuzz, but now I see that Interact will be a more effective tool for capturing email addresses. Thank you!

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