9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 28,507 Subscribers In 45 Days for Digital Marketer…)

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This little baby generated 28,507 leads in 45 days…

Lead Magnet Examples

It’s called a Lead Magnet and if you don’t have one — or don’t have a good one — this article could literally change your life.

Lead Magnetnoun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer.

It’s the first step in my Customer Value Optimization process.

We’re going to look at 9 different types of Lead Magnets in this article and the absolutely WRONG question most businesses are asking about generating leads.

But first, you must understand the single most important element of a successful Lead Magnet…


I have great news.

Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy.  Or complex.  Or time-intensive to create.

In fact, a long and complex Lead Magnet will likely convert poorly.

You simply need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.

Here’s the key…

Your Lead Magnet must be consumed by the prospect for it to have an impact.

The perfect Lead Magnet will offer tremendous value within 5 minutes of the opt-in.

This is a “rule of thumb”, of course, but we don’t recommend, for example, a mini-course delivered over 14 days or a 300 page ebook as a Lead Magnet.

These Lead Magnets take too long to consume and are unlikely to be specific.

Notice how simple and specific this Lead Magnet is…

Specific Lead Magnet

On the other hand, this Lead Magnet is non-specific and takes 20 weeks to receive the full pay off…

Non-Specific Lead Magnet

Shoot for the former and not the latter when creating your Lead Magnets.  The good news is that the first one is much easier to create than the second one — and it will convert better.

Let’s look at some Lead Magnet types (with examples) that do it right…

1 – Guide/Report

Reports and Guides are amongst the most common types of Lead Magnets.

If you use a Lead Magnet of this type — be careful.  You could easily violate the specificity rule with this kind of Lead Magnet.
Here’s an example Free Report Lead Magnet opt-in from Joe Polish at Piranha Marketing.

Lead Magnet Example - Report or Guide

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2 – Cheat Sheet/Handout

Cheat sheets and handouts work well.

They have a different “feel” to them than Reports or Guides.

They are generally very short (one page or so) and cut straight to an ultra-specific point.
You can deliver these as checklists, mind maps or “blueprints.”

Here’s an example mind map used as a Lead Magnet…

Lead Magnet Example: Mind Map

Notice how the mind map is blurred out to build curiosity.

In one case, we actually used a NAPKIN (or the image of it) as a Lead Magnet,

Example Lead Magnet: Cheat Sheet

3 – Toolkit/Resource List

A Toolkit or Resource List can make a great Lead Magnet for the right business and market.

This company is offering a Time Management Toolkit in exchange for contact information,

Lead Magnet Type - Toolkit

And this is one of the tools that is delivered after the Lead Magnet is taken by the prospective lead,

Lead Magnet Type - Toolkit

4 – Video Training

If it makes sense and you have the skillset, video can be a very effective way to deliver on your Lead Magnet.

This video is a simple screencast using software like Camtasia or Screenflow that we used to deliver on a Lead Magnet at Digital Marketer,

Lead Magnet - Video Training

This first video delivered one Facebook Marketing tactic and made a pitch to receive a second Facebook marketing tactic if an email address is entered.

5 – Software Download/Free Trial

Software companies often offer a Free Trial of their software as a Lead Magnet.

Here’s how Bidsketch, a SAAS proposal building application, asks for an opt-in to start a free trial,

Lead Magnet Type - Software Free Trial

6 – Discount/Free Shipping

For those selling physical products on or off-line, discount clubs or Free Shipping offers can be an effective Lead Magnet Type.

Here’s how New Egg generates new leads using an offer of Promo Codes sent to the email inbox.

Lead Magnet Example - Discount or Free Shipping

7 – Quiz/Survey

A quiz or survey, the results of which are delivered via email, can be a very engaging way to generate new leads.

You can use a quiz building tool like Interact to create these quizzes.
This is what the Lead Magnet offer looks like on the home page of a home improvement company,

Lead Magnet Type - Quiz

The quiz is a fun and interactive way to capture new leads.  Here’s a question from this quiz…

Lead Magnet Example Quiz Question

Once all the quiz questions are answered, the prospect is presented with this opt-in form…

Quiz opt-in Form

8 – Assessment/Test

An assessment or test, particularly if it is delivered online to increase the speed of consumption and gratification, can make a powerful Lead Magnet.

Hubspot, a company that sells marketing software, has been generating leads with their “Marketing Grader” for years,

Lead Magnet Type - Assessment or Test

9 – Blind/Sales Material

In some cases, the most desired piece of information for the market is pricing and descriptions of products or services.

Ikea harvests contact information in exchange for their catalog. And they can deliver it digitally to speed up consumption and gratification.


But how do I get traffic to my Lead Magnet?

Wrong question.

The fact is that traffic is all around you.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn (just to name a few obvious sources) have millions billions of users they’ll happily send to your Lead Magnet.

You just need to cut them a check.

The right questions to ask are:

  • What offers will I make to new leads?
  • How well do these offers convert?
  • How much is a visit to my Lead Magnet landing page worth?
  • How much is a new lead worth?
  • How much is a new sale worth?

What if I told you that every time you generated a visit to your Lead Magnet landing page you made a $10 profit?  Could you get traffic to that page?

Sure, you could spend up to $10 to generate that visit without losing money.

It isn’t difficult to answer these questions.

Start by understanding the complete Customer Value Optimization (CVO) process.  The Lead Magnet is Step 1 of the 5-step process.

Then, understand these two simple metrics that determine what traffic, leads and new sales are worth to your business.

You don’t have a traffic problem.

With the right Lead Magnet in place and a strong funnel behind it… your business will become a lead and sales generating machine.

Questions?  Comments?  Let’s talk about them in the comments section below.

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  • Sandy says:

    I am a training consultant and one of my areas of focus is sales training. The assessment magnet has always appealed to me. I have an assessment that I can use for a very powerful lead magnet, as it’s results reveal whether or not an individual has what it takes to become a high performing salesperson (kind of like the famous Draw the Pirate ad with a higher economic motivation) I am torn about whether to use it to target lower performing salespeople, or business owners with lower performing salespeople – and then how to optimize the funnel for each.

  • Dan says:

    The number one take away for me is thta understanding the system is the basic and the must ! #doubleyoursales

  • Gali Nuriel says:

    What about offering a physical product.. and all they have to do is pay shipping and handling?

  • Babs Abel says:

    Fantastic examples all together.

    Lead magnets work. I have used them in the past.

    This is a great resource. Thanks Ryan.

  • Grantley says:

    Great information Ryan, I am trying to get more traffic to my website and to increase my opt ins to build my email list. I am in the IM/make money online Niche. I am trying to come up with an effective lead magnet to increase my opt in rate. Do you recommend using PLR product as a lead magnet?

  • Stephanie says:

    What should my lead magnet, tripwire and core offer be for a lingerie website? Struggling to come up with some ideas. Thanks

    • Nick ONeill says:

      Hey Stephanie,

      There are a number of lead magnets you can consider:
      – Information: The Lingerie Buyer’s Guide or more specifically How To Buy The Perfect Bra
      – 1 time discount: 10% Off Your First Purchase (West Elm does a great job of this)
      – Offer: Free shipping discount code for email address
      – Other coupon codes

      The system Ryan describes is more targeted at information marketers than e-commerce stores. However you could most definitely have the equivalent of a “tripwire”. Retailers tend to use a number of strategies but the most common are:
      – Loss-leaders – Highly discounted products that get the customer in the door. Walmart does a great job on this with their “everyday deals”
      – Other discounted products (that aren’t losing money)

      Your core offer are the products that you are selling!

  • Jessica says:

    Ryan thanks for all the great information in this article. I am very new to the social marketing so this has helped me a lot.

  • Wow Ryan I learned so much after reading this. No wonder you are as where you are at. I will have to look more into your work. Thanks I saw this at just the right time.

  • Zoltan Gero says:

    Hey Ryan,

    thanks for article. I just finished your book, also described Leadmagnets in details.

    How to make sure they will like my Leadmanget? Any way to pre-test this before I invest time, money and effort to create something I’l bin soon?

    I wanted to recommend Typeform because it’s a lot better Interact, beautiful and even affordable.


  • Dan says:

    Awesome article. I really liked number 7, i never thought about doing surveys

  • Corey Willey says:

    Hey Ryan I appreciate the article. Helped me get back on track for building sale funnels.


  • Daniel says:

    What should my lead magnet, tripwire and core offer be if I’m a tiny digital agency offering logo and web design?

    • First: Ryan and Perry: YOU GUYS ROCK!
      Thanks for the great articles… that’s helping my customers (and myself) a lot!


      Hi Daniel,
      Here’s a list of ideas:
      – Three ways to define your corporate identity
      – 10 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a stock logo
      – Color infographic
      – 21 Mistakes most graphic designers make
      – The seven golden rules to spark creativity

      Use your creativity!

      Best regards,
      Bart, the Netherlands

      • Daniel says:

        Bart, thanks for your ideas. I prefer those suggestions aimed at business owners, not fellow designers.

        3 Steps to a perfect logo for your online store/website or something of that nature could be a good lead magnet.

        But not I’m stumped again, what would the tripwire if your core offer is, well, a logotype?

        • Mark says:

          Hi Daniel,

          If your agency does logo and web design, providing a logotype sounds like it might be more of a Core Offer possibly. Even then, that would be something they’re purchasing from you for the actual cost.

          A tripwire in your market might be something valuable, that you’re giving away for very little (you still want them to enter into a transaction with you, remember that the tripwire is meant to convert them from a lead to a customer, even if it’s only for a little money). To me, maybe something like an hour of consultation for a buck?

          I honestly am curious about this as well. Since what you provide is service based, should your tripwire be a discounted service? Maybe there is some smaller service you could provide for them at a discount (setting up a time to meet and talk about establishing a color pallete?).

          Anyway, just some thoughts. Hope they’re helpful.

          • Daniel says:

            Mark, thanks for the reply.

            Like you said, services can be a bit tricky.

            I appreciate you trying to help, I don’t think a consultation or discount would work that well. A discount on a core offer might get people used to that level of pricing.

            I’m more inclined to Chris suggestion, with the case study.

            Still, I’m looking into more options as I’m uncertain what to offer as a lead magnet and tripwire (assuming the logo will be the core offer).

        • How about 3 case studies from past clients, showing how your logo design services have (hopefully) increased sales and generated positive feedback from customers. If you choose 3 of the top industries where your clients come from, this could help to target additional business owners in those fields.

          • Daniel says:

            Chris, thanks for the suggestion.

            With no other ideas of my own, a case study cold be a good lead magnet.

            What about a tripwire though? I’m scratching my head at that.

  • ben says:

    Ryan – I can’t tell you how much this and your other articles have helped my last year click into place. Fantastic job, thanks again.

  • Absolutely love this article. Although we learn a lot about Digital Marketing I think for most businesses this should really be the key aspect to every successful campaign.

  • Fantastic article Ryan, choc full of very valuable and actionable information!

    Although I’ve made a little money online so far, I’m still really learning about Internet Marketing.

    The information is explained very clearly, which cuts right through some of the ‘brain-fog’ I have – especially in properly understanding the Lead Magnet, Tripwire and the whole funnel process.

    Thank you for your wealth of knowledge, so generously shared here on Digital Marketer.

  • Sandis Viksna says:

    What is a good traffic amount or $ to spend on testing a lead magnet? What % is considered as decent and what is a good standard.

  • tabz says:

    It’s going to be finish of mine day, but before finish I am
    reading this great paragraph to increase my experience.