5 Lightning Fast Ways To Create Stellar Blog Content (Even if you hate to write)

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February 05,2015 by
Russ Henneberry

I know your type…

You’re just like me.  You want to create great content for your audience — but you don’t have all day to do it.

You’re busy!

You want to create great content for 3 big reasons…

  • Keep your email list happy and warm (nothing keeps a list warm like good content)
  • Make offers from within the content (Native advertising style)
  • Retarget visitors to your content with relevant offers (More on this here)

Well, I won’t waste any more of your time with this introduction.  I’ll get straight to the point — I know you’re in a hurry.  :)

Here’s 5 fast ways to create blog content your audience will love…

1 – The Embed Reactor

This post is dead simple but the content is fantastic.

Go to YouTube and search for a high quality video from an authority in your niche.

Then, embed it on your blog.

Below the video — write an analysis or a reaction to the video.

Here’s an example of one we did on the Salesforce blog…

The Embed Reactor

You can see the entire post here.

Notice that I explicitly stated, “Here’s my take on this.”

But the bulk of the content was provided by Mark Hunter — a bona fide sales expert.

2 – The Content Aggregator

The Content Aggreagator is so darn simple because you aren’t creating any of the content.

You’re simply aggregating great content from around the web.

This post works great when creating a list post like this one we created at DIYReady.com…

The Content Aggregator Blog Post

You can see the entire post here.

Notice that none of these DIY projects are our content.  We simply found 20 great pieces of content, aggregated them together and linked to the original source.

That last point (linking to the original source) is a biggie.  Make sure you are giving credit where it is due — link back to the source.

3 – The Interview Post

This post type needs little explanation except to say that you would be shocked at the level of expert that will agree to do an interview with you.

Ask an A-List expert to write you an article and they’ll laugh in your face.

Ask them for an interview and you might be surprised by the answer.

There’s a big difference between asking an expert to write you something and asking them for an interview — it’s an ego thing.

Take a look at this interview post we did on the Crazy Egg blog with, perhaps, the most famous living copywriter in the world, John Carlton…

The Interview Post

You can read the entire post here.

This interview was conducted by sending the questions to John via email.  He wrote the answers and sent them back.

PRO TIP:  The easiest way to get a busy expert to agree to an interview is via recorded audio over the telephone.  They don’t have to write anything.  They don’t need a webcam.  They don’t even need to comb their hair.  You can then take that audio and have it transcribed or converted into a text interview… or you can simply put it on your blog in audio format.

(Note: Click Here to learn how to create a blog content plan in 60 seconds or less by filling in 5 simple blanks…)

4 – The Quote Post

I love the quote post because, once again, it leverages the authority of outside experts while creating outstanding content for your audience.

Pick a topic and find relevant quotes from authorities and arrange them together.

As a bonus, you could write a reaction or analysis of that quote — but it’s not necessary.

Here’s an example from the good folks over at Unbounce…

The Quote Post

You can see the entire post here.

The Quote Post can work great as an infographic as well.

Here’s an example of a number of quotes we pulled together about the art of writing a sales letter from some of the greatest copywriters of all time…


You can see the entire post here.

5 – The Crowdsourced Post

This is one of my favorite ways to create fantastic blog content quickly.

The idea here is to tap into a network of experts or colleagues that can give you their response to a single question.  Then, pull the answers together into a single article.

Here’s how to get it done…

Create a quick email that looks something like this and send it to between 5 and 20 experts or colleagues:

“Dear Russ,

I’ve always been a big fan of yours and I’d like to get my audience access to your way of thinking.

I promise it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

I’m creating an article for my personal finance blog about getting through college without racking up a huge amount of debt and I’d love to get your take.

Could you answer the following question in 3-5 sentences?

‘What is the #1 mistake a college goer makes that lands them in crippling debt after graduation and how could they avoid it?’

I’ve already got an answer from [RECOGNIZABLE EXPERT or COLLEAGUE] and I’d love to incorporate your answer into this article as well.

I would be truly honored if you would participate.

~ Your name”

There’s a few things I want to point out about this email script.

  • Feel free to tweak the copy to fit your circumstances and the relationship you have with this expert or colleague
  • Send this email personally
  • If you don’t know them well, be sure to flatter them in the beginning and let them know they’ll be getting access to your audience
  • Ask them one question about which you know they’ll have an opinion
  • If you’ve got other experts or colleagues on board (particularly recognizable ones) be sure to mention that in the email.  No one likes to be the first one on the dance floor.  :)
  • When you get a reply that indicates interest, thank them and give them a deadline that is 3 to 5 days into the future.  Follow up with them the day before and the day of the deadline.

Then, repeat.  Send this email to as many experts as you like — I recommend 5 to 20.

Lastly, pull the answers from these experts into a single post.

Here’s a Crowdsourced Post we ran recently at Digital Marketer (in this case we only ended up with four responses but that worked just fine)…

the-crowdsourced-post1You can see the entire post here.

And here’s one we ran at Salesforce…

The Crowdsourced Post

You can see this entire post here.

The beautiful thing about the Crowdsourced post is the amount of social sharing you’ll get from these experts.  If you notify them when the article goes live via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc… they will share it.

If you do it right, you’ll have an outstanding article full of expert opinions that you can put together by sending a few emails.

I love all five of these post types because they are a Win/Win/Win…

  • You win because you didn’t have to spend hours creating a blog post that will keep your list warm, lead readers to an offer and build your retargeting audiences.
  • Your audience wins because they get a great piece of content
  • The expert wins because you embedded their YouTube video, linked to them, interviewed them or quoted them.

Go forth busy entrepreneur and put these blog post ideas to work for you.

(NOTE: Want more resources on blogging? Check out all of ours rounded up here.)

The only thing left to figure out is how you’ll spend all that extra time.  😉

(Note: Click Here to learn how to create a blog content plan in 60 seconds or less by filling in 5 simple blanks…)

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