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Featuring Best-Selling Author, Pedro Adao

We Built a 7-Figure Business from Scratch

In 2019, 9 out of 10 startups failed within their first year of doing business¹, and that was BEFORE the chaos of 2020 hit our everyday lives.

It’s a frightening thought…

Building a profitable brand from nothing, with nobody on your email list, and little to no social media following.

You’d have to be nuts to launch a new brand from the ground up under these circumstances.

Well… consider us crazy, because we did it.

We launched a new brand with zero people on our list, a tiny ad budget, and a small social media following…

…and we turned it into a 7-figure business. That’s right, a MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR brand.

And the best part? We did it in just 90 days.

The Method to Our Madness

How did we build a 7-figure business in just 90 days?

By challenging ourselves.

Well… actually, we challenged our customers.

We looked for frustrated business owners who were experiencing growth stalls. Entrepreneurs wanting to expand into a new industry, marketers looking to “bolt-on” to their existing offerings to multiply their growth, and people just looking to get into a business without starting from scratch…

And we created a challenge just for them.  

An EPIC challenge that dared them to take the next step in their lives. To thrive through a crisis and ethically help struggling business owners while they are at it. And we found people all over the world ready to take action and make a change.

How did we do this?

We enlisted the help of “The Challenge Guy,” Pedro Adao.

With Pedro’s simple challenge method, we built our brand to what it is today, and now, he’s giving out ALL of his secrets.

We can think of about a million reasons (more like 9 to be exact) why you would want to check this workshop out.

Introducing... Crush it with Challenges: The Ultimate 7-Step Framework

The challenge model is all the rage right now. Online challenges are popping up everywhere from Tony Robbins, to Dean Graziosi, to Grant Cardone, and even Daymond John.

And for good reason.

Challenges are an extremely popular way to rapidly build trust and break through customer objections in real-time (without the need of a sales team).

Challenges aren’t just a way to attract hot leads and build an active buyers list. When paired with the RIGHT offer, they can also result in MASSIVE sales. That’s because challenges help prospects visualize transformation using YOUR product or service (while simultaneously taking active steps to achieve it).

In other words… they freakin’ WORK.

It’s so simple in fact, we used it to launch the EPIC Challenge into a 7-figure brand in just 90 days. And it’s gone on to produce (at least) six figures EVERY MONTH since the start of the COVID shutdown.

A challenge can be the highest and most efficient form of marketing you can do. It completely hits all the right buttons by rallying your customers around your product and getting them excited about accomplishing their goals.

In this workshop, Pedro Adao, the Challenge King himself, will walk you through his 7-step framework for designing your first challenge. Pedro has worked with just about every type of business at all stages of success to help them CRUSH their goals using this exact challenge model.

By the end, you’ll have a plan to pull off your first hugely successful challenge, an incredible hook to reel prospects in, and engagement secrets that will bring your community of challengers to life—all resulting in money in the bank.


Get This Workshop For Just $295

In this workshop, “Crush it with Challenges: The Ultimate 7-Step Framework,” Pedro Adao will show you:

  • The 7-Step Challenge Framework you can use regularly to generate new leads and sales for your business
  • A Challenge Launch Checklist that has everything you need to bring your plan to life

Each participant will walk away from this training with a plan for converting cold traffic, overcoming sales objections within your challenge, and how to test new products, niches, and offers.

PLUS, everyone will get:

  • A mock launch calendar for your own 5-day challenge so you can promote your offer like the pro you are
  • A worksheet to help you with all of the questions you need to answer to adequately set up your challenge
  • A web page template that will act as your zero-to-launch formula to help you blast past your first challenge

A “launch list” with all the baseline items you need to build your challenge (think of this as your “back to school” supply list)


Get This Workshop For Just $295

Workshop Agenda

Module 1

7 Decisions Part 1 - Intro, Your Goals, & Offer

Module 2

7 Decisions Part 2 - Writing Your Hook + Interactive Breakouts

Module 3

Funnel Template + Landing Page Teardowns

Module 4

Engagement, Sneaky Little Challenge Tricks, Zero to Launch List

Your Instructor

Pedro Adao

Founder, 100X Academy

Pedro Adao, aka “The Challenge Guy,” is the leading marketing expert and authority on the subject of challenges.

He’s a 5-time 2-Comma Club Winner, the founder of the 100X Academy, and the bestselling author of The Finished Life.

Pedro has spent years teaching entrepreneurs how to build their businesses with challenges and in this workshop, you’ll learn his exact 7-step process for creating challenges that appeal to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go-at-your-own-pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Who Is This Training For?

This workshop is perfect for most types of businesses, including service providers, agencies & consultants, eCommerce brands, information products, and SaaS.

PLUS anyone interested in testing an offer, launching a new product, lead generation, or selling/upselling their offer.


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Get This Workshop For Just $295