INTRODUCING: The Harmon Brothers Guide to...

Launching The Perfect Video Ad

The Marketing Masters Behind Poo-Pourri, Purple Mattress, and Squatty Potty Share Their Secret Strategy To The Internet's Most Profitable Video Ads Ever
Featuring Daniel Harmon & Britt Ellsworth of The Harmon Brothers Ad Agency


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NOTHING Converts Like Video...

Videos boost conversions, engagement, and interest wherever they appear. 

On average, up to 85% of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video ad. 

And yet… 

Despite video’s ever-growing influence on customer conversion, many of us are still struggling to get the results we want.

And why is that? 

The truth is…

Facebook is confusing…

Competition is fierce…

And media is more expensive than ever…

But instead of solving for those variables what do most of us do after a failed campaign?

We beat ourselves up , blame it on our video, and often go back to the drawing board to rethink the ENTIRE strategy from scratch…again.

But without knowing exactly why it didn’t work…

You’re bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. 

Only when you can precisely pinpoint WHY your video ads are failing, will you realize…


A lot of times the success and failure of a good video ad is determined by what happens AFTER the video is completed.

And, if you do need a new video, wouldn’t it be great to know that BEFORE you film it and spend money on it? (More on that in a minute…) 

See, when a project doesn’t go according to plan, that’s when you get the best data to maximize your offer, improve, your positioning, laser target your audience…. 

…and finally breakthrough to that video ad that crushes and converts customers like crazy.

Knowing EXACTLY what’s needed to make your campaigns as strong as possible from the very start ensures you never waste your time, attention, or money again.

Which is why we invited the most influential video marketing experts in the world to make sure your video ads work for you…each and every time…right from the start.


INTRODUCING: The Harmon Brothers’ video ad strategy 

If you’re familiar with Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, or Lume deodorant, and have even seen the clever ads for these products online, then you can thank the creative genius that is the Harmon Brothers’ ad agency. 

And it’s not just their superhuman ability for positioning “taboo” products…

The Harmon Brothers have figured out how to get their clients’ ads seen by testing the creative BEFORE fully launching their campaigns. 

This includes testing variations in areas like…

No guesswork—just reliable data that informs a surefire launch, time and time again. 

This  is the video selling process that sets the Harmon Brothers apart from their competitors. And that’s why we’ve partnered with their team for this workshop. 

The “Secret Sauce” for really good video ads

With over 1.4 Billion views (that’s “billion” with a “B”) on their ads, and over $400 Million in sales for the brands that they work with, the Harmon Brothers ad agency has carved out a space in viral video ad history. 

That’s because Daniel Harmon and his team found that the videos that meet—even exceed— their wildest expectations aren’t created in the development process. 

They’re found through the testing process. 

And they’ve shared with us that repeatable framework to make and launch a proven, tested video ad campaign.

 I.e., a method for getting your video ads seen by the right group of prospects at the right time, long after hitting the send button on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever your audience lives. 

That means your hook, headline, ad creative, sequencing, splintering, and retargeting all require  testing to ensure your ads perform well, consistently and systematically. 

And that testing is MORE than worth it when you finally start to see your hard work pay off in…

Better overall brand exposure and customer engagement.

Increased video views and clicks to your page.

More conversions of passive viewers into raving customers.

And the best part? These are the kinds of results that anyone—even a video novice—can achieve. 

This Workshop will change the way you launch video ads

Here’s the simple truth: 

Skipping your video’s crucial pre-launch steps is like setting out for a road trip without getting directions for where you’re going: 

Sure, you might end up at your destination by sheer luck. But the time and money you spend on getting there will be much higher than if you planned your trip before leaving. 

Dig into the info with the team that knows what to look for AND how to apply it to your campaign.  

Learn the Harmon Brothers’ dynamic video testing process for not only turning heads, but turning views into sales. 


$79 | Retail: $295.00 | Save 73%
Get This Workshop For Just $79
$79 | Retail: $295.00 | Save 73%
Get This Workshop For Just $295

Workshop Description

In this workshop, video ad masterminds the Harmon Brothers reveal their proven testing process for churning out high quality, tried-and-tested ad creative that can be copied and pasted into email campaigns, landing pages, product descriptions, or even given to your sales team.

By the end, you’ll establish a framework for creating ads that work! PLUS you’ll know exactly why they work so that you’re able to recreate that video magic again and again.

What You'll Learn

With the Harmon Brothers as your teachers, you’ll learn their step-by-step pre-launch process to create the perfect video ad. 

You’ll also learn some time-saving filming strategies, the fine art of audience sequencing, and how to splinter a single ad into hyper-successful retargeting ads for prospects that didn’t convert the first time.

By the time you have completed this brand new on-demand workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Test your ad creative at each important stage of the launch process, from the initial video footage, all the way down to the final ad
  • Splinter your existing creative to reuse in a variety of remarketing ads that target viewers who fell off your video ad’s radar
  • Create consistency across an ad campaign and build brand authority by launching the perfect video to your ideal audience
Get This Workshop For Just $295

Workshop Breakdown

Part 1:

Optimize Your Video Ad

In this section, the Harmon Brothers team will show you how to test your ad creative before the big launch so that you can make changes to your positioning and take your video ad from good to GREAT.

Part 2:

Put Your Video Ad in Practice

In this section, you’ll learn the Key Performance Indicators that tell you how to best optimize your video ads through testing different ad variants, thumbnails, and headlines.

Part 3:

Optimizing Your Retargeting Campaign

In this section, you’ll learn the retargeting elements that catch the attention of people who might not have noticed your ad the first time… and how to grab their attention so that they don’t click away again.

Part 4:

Put Your Retargeting Campaign in Practice

In this section, you’ll learn the Harmon Brothers’ secrets on how to set up the best Facebook remarketing videos and retargeting audiences for the groups of people who might need that extra “push” through your customer value journey.

Your Instructors

The Harmon Brothers

Your Instructors

The Harmon Brothers are the masterminds behind advertising campaigns for Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, FiberFix, Chatbooks, and more. They’ve had over 1.4 Billion views on their ads and over $400M in sales for the brands that they work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go at your own pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Who is this course for?

This workshop is a necessity for anyone who has tried launching video ads, and hasn’t seen the return on investment they were hoping for—or for marketers who would like to add video marketing to their strategy, and want to ensure that every launch primes their audience to take action. 

More specifically, this workshop is a great fit for…

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and founders who current use, or would like to start using video ads to increase brand awareness and acquire customers
  • Freelancers and solos who want to learn the quick-and-dirty methods (that actually work)
  • Agencies looking to add video ad optimization to their menu of services (or improve the systems they already have in place)

Why video ads and why NOW?

On average, 64-85% of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. If you were to lean on that fact alone, you would think that using video to your product or service is a no-brainer. 

However, not knowing how to position your ad creative to reach the right audience can quickly turn into a drain on your time, your energy, and most importantly… your ad budget. 

This workshop uses the Harmon Brothers’ pre-launch testing process to ensure you never have to worry about whether your ad will engage with your prospects, and even convert them into happy customers. 

Get This Workshop For Just $79
$79 | Retail: $295.00 | (Save 73%)
Get This Workshop For Just $295