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ELITE is a yearlong coaching program for ambitious marketers & business owners who want to increase revenue, decrease doubt, and accelerate their growth. We combine an incredible community and marketing mastermind groups with tactical sessions, accountability coaches, and world-class training.

Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2021

Kick-Off: June 9th, 2021

Trusted by 126,000+ Marketers and Companies Like…

This morning I woke up with my heart full of gratitude to Ryan Deiss & the DM team for all the learnings we have received so far. I feel we moved tons in strategy and execution, just because of so many ready-to-use templates, sharing from coaches & group members. Thanks! I feel we are getting 10 times more in value than what we paid & looking at my offline selling experience, it all makes such sense…already experience small wins!
Dr. Smita Naram
Co-Founder & CMD, Ayushakta Group
I’m LOVING Elite - I don’t think it’s a coincidence that vs last quarter, our e-commerce site sales are up over 800% and AOV is up 126%. It’s reminded me why I do what I do and I’ve fallen in love with this business all over again. And I’m just coming up to the end of a 2-week holiday from work…I haven’t felt able to do that in 15 years! Big thanks to Coach Scott and our cohort for their encouragement 🙂
Chantal Wellavize
Founder, HR on Tap
Sitting down and actually doing all of the steps in the 30-day kickstart was super powerful. The moment I signed up for ELITE I promised myself I wouldn’t just watch, and I wouldn’t even watch *first* with a plan to come back later. I’d only execute as I went. Your training really stopped me from the big shiny object problems that I’d usually run into. Just wrapping up the first 90-day cycle and I’m so pumped to go through the process again!
Chris Umiastowski
CEO, Mike Mandel Hypnosis

I Have A Confession To Make

From: Ryan Deiss

From: Ryan Deiss

Austin, TX

I failed you.

I recently came to a realization that I always knew, but didn’t want to admit…

It’s not about knowledge, it’s about execution.

We wanted to believe if we made it simple, people would get it… 
We wanted to believe if we made it fun, people would consume it…
We wanted to believe if we made our products truly world-class, no one would fail…

But people do fail. Most don’t even try.

And it’s not their fault. (It’s not yours, either.)

Here’s why…

You’re being fed terrible misinformation by these “flash in the pan” marketers and their shiny objects.

You know the kind…

  • Fake gurus who post photos with their RENTED Lambos and private planes
  • No names who pop-up on your feed showing the millions in their Photoshopped bank account
  • Consultants who spend more time tell you everything you’re doing wrong rather than helping you with targeted advice to grow your business

Or as I call them, the “day traders” of digital marketing.

All they do is peddle a single tactic, hack, or strategy that hasn’t been proven (or even tested) and never give you the full picture.

False promises that unfortunately trip up our 1,000,000 customers before they stumble on the truth.

The reason us marketers get frustrated is because we’re always told it’s the NEXT course that will be the breakthrough we need. The problem is these things never last and they come at a cost far greater than the price of the program.

The Hidden Cost of “Course Hopping”

Let me ask you a question (or 3)

How many modules sit unopened in the course you’ve bought over the years?

How many unfilled worksheets & templates do you have wasting away in your “downloads”?

How many pages of notes do you have collecting “digital dust” and haven’t been looked at since the day you took them?

On top of that, how many of the courses that you’ve bought required you to…

  • Switch software
  • Set up new integrations (that probably don’t work with your current tech)
  • Hire new team members or outsourcers to pull of the strategy
  • Make new graphics and/or record new videos
  • Join ANOTHER poorly led group and get lost inside a sea of new faces (never getting a chance to establisher longer relationships with people you know, like, and trust)
  • Figure out on your own how to execute, because only gave you theory and hypotheticals.

And most importantly, how much focus have they taken away from your day-to-day business leaving you spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast?

After years spent in this industry, we’ve realized there are 3 types of people who get long terms results…

The Tale Of 3 Marketers

First, there is the ultra self-motivated “super human”. You know the type…they will sacrifice life and limb to figure it out. It’s the same person who decides on Monday to run a marathon on Wednesday and finish it despite dehydration, exhaustion, rashes, and bloody toe nails. But while these people are out there, they only represent a tiny piece of the population.

Second, there are the people who have or hire a team. They learn enough to make someone else already on the team execute, hire an agency to do it for them, or like Netflix they have the bankroll to hire the best (and overpay them). This is great if you already have a highly-capable team or outside capital to hire the best, but most don’t already have these. 

Last, there are the people (like me) who had a coach. Someone to hold them accountable and keep them on track. Someone who was there to help find a short-cut to success, connect the dots, drive them directly towards success, and ultimately give them a kick in the pants when they needed it. Coaches are there to bridge the gap in your own knowledge and provide the accountability you need to actually execute.

Benefits Of Working With A Coach

Why do most people hire Sherpas when they climb Everest?

Not only do Sherpa’s carry oxygen bottles, water, and food…they are responsible for two of the most important aspects of a successful climb – navigation and highly technical climbing skills.

They serve as guide, porter, butler, motivational coach, and a lifeguard all at the same time.

In other words, they need a guide who’s been there before who can show them they way and lead them to success.

From LeBron James & Michael Jordan to Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, the best of the best have a coach. A coach isn’t there to JUST help you achieve your initial goals…your coach is with you along the way, continually pushing you and your team to achieve greater results, faster!

Our ELITE coaches will help you…

  1. PINPOINT UNIQUE GOALS – Build a proprietary Growth Scorecard that tracks the metrics that matter, and highlights all the hidden opportunities for growth. Get crystal clear where to set goals unique to your business for predictable growth.
  2. IDENTIFY BOTTLENECKS – Gain clarity on how customers are acquired and how your business can grow. You’ll see EXACTLY where the bottlenecks are in your marketing and figure out how to clarify your messaging.
  3. SLAY SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME – Design a custom 90-Day Marketing Plan that focuses your business objectives, slays “shiny object syndrome,” and ensures the right projects get executed in the right sequence.
  4. INCREASE REVENUE – Build a marketing and customer acquisition system that works on autopilot so that you can focus on growing your business at the pace you want…and that’s exactly what you’ll have in 90-days or less.

During each ELITE weekly coaching call, you’ll get direct advice from your coach, feedback from your peers, and the accountability you need to achieve the goals you set for yourself. By using DigitalMarketer’s unique approach to marketing, priority strategies, tools, and tactics you will be able to build a custom, scalable “marketing machine”, break through YOUR specific barriers…and, most importantly, DOUBLE your sales.

Everyone at the top of their game has a coach…why don’t you?

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The investment to enroll is $4,995 (or 12 monthly payments of $495).

Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2021

Kick-Off: June 9th, 2021

There's A Problem With "Coaching" As We Know It

As we see it, there used to only be 2 real types of coaching…

One-On-One Coaching – The real benefit here is you get individualized attention. However, the problem with pure 1:1 coaching, is your upside is inherently limited to what that one person knows. This type of coaching is typically only beneficial in short bursts (once you’ve exhaust that one person’s skillset) or in a situation where you know exactly where that person can take you.

One-To-Many Coaching – In this type of program you can really benefit from the power of the room. Leveraging the ideas and experience of your coaching in addition to the other people in the room. However, the problem with most 1:many programs is you are stuck with one coach that can get stale and you stop growing. Not to mention this type of coaching typically leads to a lot of misalignment between the group with different people on different paths, leaving you with the only option being to find a new program.

But as you can see, there are problems with both. So over the past 12 months we’ve been testing a third type of coaching and we’ve finally cracked the code, we call it…

Team-To-Many “Sprint” Coaching – In ELITE, we leverage the expertise of multiple coaches all guided by a core growth framework. Everyone is speaking the same “language” even if we have different destinations, it isn’t dependent on some black boxed idea from a coach that may or may not work, and the frame work you learn goes with you even when you done with the program (giving you freedom & independence, not long-term dependence). 

And unlike the two options above…

  • You aren’t stuck with just one coach
  • You aren’t limited by the knowledge of just a single expert
  • You aren’t stuck with your coach (or group) if you don’t like them
  • You don’t have to find somewhere else to go (or stick it out) if you don’t like your coach or group

You work with a coach in 90-day sprints to achieve a specific objective and can switch if/when needed.

Sprint coaching has all the benefits of group coaching coupled with individualized attention plus you have the option to go deeper with a specific coach if you want (really you’re getting the opportunity to date your coach before you get married). 

Work With A Certified Coach To Take Your Business And Marketing To The Next Level!

Working with a talented marketing coach is your first step towards explosive growth for your business and a predictable, profitable ‘marketing machine’.

ELITE is facilitated by DigitalMarketer Certified Marketing Coaches, who have undergone intensive marketing training programs to be certified as trainers. PLUS they own businesses of their own. So they understand the unique challenges that come from launching and scaling a business, and how to build a plan that works for you.

Meet The Coaches
Kasim Aslam

Kasim Aslam

Kasim (rhymes with "awesome") is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-ranked Google Ads agencies, Solutions 8.

Recipient of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s 2017 TIM Award for Person of the Year, Kasim was also named one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States by The University of Missouri in 2020. His book, The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing, was featured as one of the Top 100 Digital Marketing Books of All Time by Book Authority.

Kasim helped launch the National Association of Child Helplines (NAACH) and worked with the United States Army, Intel, as well as a Gates Foundation-funded nonprofit, a 54,000 member PPO, the largest privately-owned bank in the United States, and an Academy Award-contending documentary.

He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and two sons.

Monique Morrison

Monique Morrison

Monique is the founder of Jeronamo Solutions, a marketing agency, as well as Success with Digital, her digital marketing training company.

As a Certified Digital Marketer, Monique is on a mission to help SMEs Amazon-proof and keep Mom and Pop shops alive by making enterprise-level marketing methods accessible to everyone. She is a huge supporter of training and educating on all things business and marketing.

Through workshops, live streams, and her training programs, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find business growth in her role as a coach and trainer with the World Trade Centre Toronto, the Centre for Social Innovation Canada and DigitalMarketer. Through her marketing expertise, she has been able to consistently drive year-over-year revenue growth for clients.

Dave Albano

Dave Albano

Dave is the CEO and Founder of JozaMarketing.com, a world-class agency helping 7 Figure Businesses double their revenues in 12 months or less. With an MBA and as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (the first ever to hold that designation), Dave was awarded the first DigitalMarketer Consultant of the Year and was a founding member of marketing legend Ryan Deiss’ Partner Advisory Board.

Dave is also an inspired Speaker, Trainer and Fractional CMO featured in the International Best-selling book The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Confidence and Certainty with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt (10th Anniversary ed.) He is also featured in the best-selling Dare to Dream – This Life Counts, and The Completed Course: The Secret To Creating Lasting Impact, Raving Fans, And Increased Profits With Online Courses.
A frequent media and podcast guest, Dave has appeared on all major Canadian TV networks including CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV. Entrepreneur magazine recommended Dave and Joza Marketing because they “continue to prove themselves as a dynamic, results-driven agency who are at the top of their game.”   Dave calls the Canadian Rockies home, is an avid mountaineer, and is currently climbing the highest peak on each continent to leave a Legacy of Inspiration.

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

Scott is the founder of Social Lite, a Shopify Partner sales and marketing agency, and a co-founder and coach at Merchant Mastery, a training and coaching company for Shopify store owners. Scott and his team have helped hundreds of Shopify merchants around the globe scale their revenue with Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, and offer strategies along the customer journey.

As certified Shopify Experts, Social Lite has hosted Shopify Meetups in cities throughout North America, and Scott has taught eCommerce strategies on industry-leading stages, podcasts, and webinars, including Shopify Compass, Privy Masterclass, Klaviyo Bootcamp, Traffic and Conversion Summit, DigitalMarketer.com, and Digital Agency Expo in NYC.

In 2020, Scott and his business partner Simon also started teaching a course at the University of Alberta on eCommerce sales.

Our coaching team is always growing...in fact, we are in the process of currently adding coaches in both the United Kingdom and Australia!

Get The Results You Dream About

3-Year Growth In 6-12 Months...

“Overall, our sales have grown by 250% (2.5X) using the same spend...from all the wins combined together!”
Dr. Smita Naram
Co-Founder & CMD, Ayushakta Group

A predictable, profitable businesses...

"We had a goal of $60k/month for the last 2 years and rarely reached it. In June we had our best month in over 12 months, then in July the best in over 18 months…both over $60k!"
Russell Mackenzie
Owner, Adelaide West Physio and Pilates

Accountability and year long hands-on support...

"I’m so grateful for this program and for Coach Dave and my group because I finally feel like I actually can do this and that I won’t let my partners down on the sales/marketing side while they’re working so hard on their sides of the business."
Jennifer Prendergast
Co-Founder, The Expert Talk

Crystal clear goals custom made for your business...

“This course literally improved my health–I’m sleeping better, my blood pressure is down, and I'm not getting headaches every day. Everyone is getting more work done and we're reaching goals faster.”
Christina Hooper
COO, Content Ninjas & COO, Sparkitive

And fall in love with your business all over again...

"Our e-commerce site sales are up over 800% and AOV is up 126%. It’s reminded me why I do what I do and I’ve fallen in love with this business all over again."
Chantal Wellavize
Founder, HR on Tap

Apply For ELITE

The investment to enroll is $4,995 (or 12 monthly payments of $495).

Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2021

Kick-Off: June 9th, 2021

Here's What You Get In The Program

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to implement all six steps in your business…the same ones that took my company from a bootstrapped startup to a $30 MILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR EMPIRE in just five short years.

If you simply apply a fraction of what we give you to your business, I promise you’ll see amazing results.

In fact, within the first 30 days you’ll get access to our growth kickstart to put your success into overdrive…

Sitting down and actually doing all of the steps in the 30-day kickstart was super powerful. The moment I signed up for ELITE I promised myself I wouldn’t just watch, and I wouldn’t even watch *first* with a plan to come back later. I’d only execute as I went. Your training really stopped me from the big shiny object problems that I’d usually run into. Just wrapping up the first 90-day cycle and I’m so pumped to go through the process again!
Chris Umiastowski
CEO, Mike Mandel Hypnosis

If you don’t see the value within these 30 days – I’ll give your money back, no questions asked (more on that in a minute).


The First 30 Days...


We’ll help you audit and document your customer journey so you’ll finally have clarity on how customers are acquired and how your business can grow.


We’ll work with you to build a proprietary Growth Scorecard that tracks the metrics that matter, and highlights all the hidden opportunities for growth.


We’ll work together to design a custom, 90-Day Marketing Plan that focuses your activities, slays “shiny object syndrome,” and ensures the right projects get executed in the right sequence.

The Next 90 Days...


We’ll give you access to our library of “Playbooks” and “Power Plays” to execute the critical tasks and projects you need to achieve your 90-day plan.


We’ll meet together on weekly coaching calls that are designed to break through barriers, keep you focused, and give you a kick in the pants when you need it.

Repeat Every 90 Days As You Watch Your Business Grow!


Congratulations…you did it! You created your Growth Flywheel, and now it’s time to take it for a spin. Just remember, the ELITE Accelerator isn’t about teaching, it isn’t about training, and it isn’t even about playbooks. This is about building a marketing and customer acquisition systems that works…even when you aren’t, and that’s exactly what you’ll have in 90-days or less.

This Is NOT For Everyone. Here’s Who We CAN Help:

Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to avoid the painful “learning curves”

Business Owners who want to get unstuck and start growing again

Heads of Marketing who need support and accountability

Freelancers & Solos who are sick of “going it alone”

To be a fit for the ELITE Coaching Program and implement our 6-step process in your business, you do need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here it is…

1: You must have a product or service to sell.

We aren’t going to help you come up with a business idea from scratch. If that’s what you need, then sorry, but this group isn’t going to be a fit.

2: You must be willing to fail.

If you’re going to be in this group, you need to leave your ego at the door.

3: You must have the time set aside to implement.

Do you have 30 minutes a day set aside to actually implement the strategies we prioritize together? If not, then you likely won’t find success with this, or any other program.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to one of our program specialists about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill out our coaching questionnaire. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth.

Second, submit your “real person” deposit of $495.

Don’t worry, I could care less about your $495.

I’m just using it as a “filter” to keep the time-vampires at bay.

We’ll give it back right after you hang up (unless you decide ELITE is the right fit for you – and in that case, we can apply it to your balance.)

Once you’ve made your deposit, we’ll set up a time to chat with one of our program specialists.

Your initial call will be about 20 minutes so we review your goals, answer any questions you have, and make sure ELITE is the right fit for you.

If it is, our program specialists will explain pricing and all the options we have to join the program.

If it isn’t, we’ll return your deposit as soon as we hang up. No biggie.

So you literally can’t lose.

ELITE Is Unlike Any Other “Training” Program You’ve Experienced BEFORE

Let’s talk about what ELITE is NOT:

  • ELITE is NOT another course. Yes, there is content and training, but at its heart, this is a coaching program where we will drag you, kicking and screaming if we have to, across YOUR finish line.
  • ELITE is NOT one size fits all. We’ll start by building a custom 90-Day Marketing Plan for your business, and then help you choose the specific projects and activities to accomplish YOUR stated goals.
  • ELITE is NOT another hack or tactic. Yes, we will give you access to dozens of playbooks and tactics, but the goal of this program is to SLAY shiny object syndrome…not encourage it.

So if what you have tried in the past hasn’t worked, and you’re ready for something different, then ELITE is for you.

ELITE Is An Investment In Growth

Typically, programs with this level of access and 1-on-1 support come with a steep price tag attached…

Just for comparison, the closest you can come to this ELITE experience is to join our 100-member mastermind, which starts at $30,000 per year and has a waiting list.

Your only other option would be to work with one of our licensed, DigitalMarketer Certified Partners. They offer a similar service and the recommended retainer is $3,500…per month.

Fortunately, membership in the ELITE Growth Accelerator Coaching Program isn’t $30,000 per year, nor does it require a $3,500 per month retainer.

Membership in the ELITE Growth Accelerator Program starts at just $4,995 for the full year (or 12 payments of $495).

That’s less than a ticket and travel to a multi-day workshop, and less than many of the high-end online training courses that are offered on the market today.

And again, this is NOT just another workshop or training course. This is a hands-on coaching program where my team is working with you to:

  • Build a custom, scalable “Marketing Machine”
  • Breakthrough YOUR specific bottlenecks and barriers
  • Hold you accountable to achieving your 90-Day Plan

…and, most importantly, DOUBLE your sales.

This is unlike anything you have ever tried in the past, which is why it will work better than anything you have ever tried in the past.

Your Investment Is Fully Guaranteed

Obviously we can’t guarantee your success. No one can.

But here’s what we can do. We can guarantee that you’ll get enough value in the first 30 days, alone, to more than cover your investment for the rest of the year.

It could happen in your first week when you crystalize your 90-Day Marketing Plan. Or maybe you’ll get a critical question answered on your very first coaching call that breaks through a major barrier. Or maybe you’ll gain early access to one of our proven Playbooks and Power Plays, and that’s what covers your investment.

We don’t know what it will be, because there are so many ways you can win, but we’re so confident that your investment will be covered in the first 30 days that we’ll refund every penny if it doesn’t happen.

In other words, you risk nothing.

Either your investment is covered in 30 days, or you cancel and pay nothing. It’s as simple as that.

You have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain.

Apply For ELITE

The investment to enroll is $4,995 (or 12 monthly payments of $495).

Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2021

Kick-Off: June 9th, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

If any of the following describe you, then ELITE is likely a good fit:

  • Founders and entrepreneurs who want to avoid the painful learning curves and discover a “shortcut” to success
  • Business owners who are looking to kickstart their growth, or take an already growing business to the next level
  • Emerging marketing leaders who want to become true experts in their fields (HINT: If you’re a CEO or head of marketing, this is the ultimate onboarding and upleveling program for new and emerging marketing leaders on your team)

The investment to enroll in the ELITE Growth Accelerator is $4,995 for the year (or 12 monthly payments of $495).

Yes, if for any reason at all you don’t feel the program is the right fit for you, we offer a 30-day “no questions asked” refund policy.

You should plan to commit 1-2 hours per week in ELITE. The program is designed to help you leverage time your available time to get the most out of the program, without stand in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities.

We actively accept members from all over the world, however, the majority of sessions will be in North American time zones. As the program grows we are adding new coaches all over the world to accommodate international students. All recordings are made available plus the group is active and available 24/7 for support.

Yes, everything will be run virtually. We will be using Zoom primarily for the live calls as well as a custom-built, private community to manage resources, networking, and group feedback.

We do have plans to hold an annual live event for members all over the world to get together.

You will keep access to all the materials and the community for however long you decide to stay in the program.

DigitalMarketer’s stated mission is to help double the size of 10,000 businesses, and while we know we can’t coach 10,000 businesses at once, by personally coaching a handful of companies to this goal, we will be living out our mission each and every day.

We also know that it’s harder than ever to succeed if you try to “go it alone.”

Did we miss your question? Send us an email and we will get back to you asap.

What Other ELITE Members Are Saying...

Apply For ELITE

The investment to enroll is $4,995 (or 12 monthly payments of $495).

Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2021

Kick-Off: June 9th, 2021