Craft a “Pillar” Blog Post that Sells

Let’s create an engaging & entertaining blog post that establishes your brand as an industry authority and converts ice-cold prospects into red-hot buyers

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this workshop, you’ll leverage content marketing expert Russ Henneberry’s secret step-by-step formula to create a blog post that builds awareness, drives leads, and (most importantly) generates sales… automatically and predictably.

  • Follow an easy, step-by-step process to create an entertaining piece of content—one that people want to read, and more importantly… one that sells
  • Leverage tools you can use to quickly produce engaging blog posts (including 2 templatized, fill-in-the-blank worksheets to streamline the process)
  • Learn the fundamentals of content marketing—how to seize your audience’s attention, how to hold onto their attention, and how to establish your brand as an authority that your new audience can trust
  • Answer “3 magic questions” to easily write your brand new, flagship piece of content and establish your brand as THE AUTHORITY in your industry
  • Peek behind the curtain at DigitalMarketer’s biggest, most successful blog posts so you can model our strategy to build your own
  • Discover how companies like REI, Glassdoor, and Charles Schwab leverage “pillar” posts to generate MILLIONS of leads & customers, PLUS…
  • Learn DigitalMarketer’s tips for crafting your own winning blog post, along with some quick & dirty methods that will work for you (even if you’ve never written a blog post in your life)…

…By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a fully customized flagship blog post that builds trust with brand-new, ice-cold leads and converts them into red-hot buyers of your product or service.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive…

What You’ll Learn & Leverage

3 “Magic” Questions That Will Write Your Content For You

Answer the 3 “magic” questions before you ever start writing a piece of content to set your campaign up for success. As long as you can answer these 3 questions you will know how to put together a blog post that establishes you as THE AUTHORITY in your industry and builds a bond with even the coldest of audiences.

A Content Crusader’s Tested & Proven Blog Blueprints

Russ Henneberry knows content. He’s been creating viral, conversions-driven content strategies for companies like Salesforce, Crazy Egg, and DigitaMarketer for over a decade. He’s created 2 fill-in-the-blank templates and audits that make crafting your blog post (and all future blog posts) truly effortless.

In fact, the valuable resources in this workshop will expedite the entire process of crafting a pillar blog post and save you valuable time and money.

Options for Every Business… In Any Industry

Learn the 5 types of pillar posts that are absolutely, 100% proven to generate new traffic, leads, and customers… even in “boring” or “straight-laced” industries. You’ll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to leverage for your business.

And don’t worry… if you’ve never written a blog post or don’t consider yourself a “strong writer,” there are plenty of swipable pieces of content in this training that you can use to create your brand new blog post.


  • Instructor: Russ Henneberry
  • Lessons: 4
  • Length: 6 Hours
  • Access: Continued Access

Topics Discussed

Content MarketingBrand AuthoritySearch Engine Optimization

Russ Henneberry

Founder – Modern Publisher

Russ Henneberry is a marketer, speaker and author of Digital Marketing for Dummies. Russ has worked on digital marketing projects for, Network Solutions, DigitalMarketer and CrazyEgg software. Russ has training and certified thousands of individuals and businesses in disciplines such as Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

“Elite is nothing short of phenomenal. The very first thing I created was what is called a 'Pillar Post.'

This very simple exercise not only became a blog post, but I expanded and made a series of posts based on the foundation that DigitalMarketer assisted, consulted and trained me on creating.” – Shoan Snoday

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Critical question for every entrepreneur, small business owner, and the talented content creators and marketers that work for them…

…If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for attracting a steady surge of red-hot leads EVERY SINGLE DAY without the crippling “what the heck do I do next?” syndrome and (most importantly) without spending a single dime…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make creating a profitable content strategy your business’ #1 priority?

Well, here’s what you need to know:

First, ordinary content marketers just don’t get it…

There was a time when having a blog was enough, but today (if you actually want to generate free, targeted traffic) you need to do more.

So how do you do it?

How do you build a “machine” that turns content into free, targeted traffic and eventually conversions?

You start with what has come to be known as a…

“Pillar post.”

This is a truly EPIC piece of content that establishes your company as a force in your industry and serves as the foundation of not just your content efforts, but your Marketing strategy as a whole.

It’s that one piece of content that will allow you to:

  • Stand up that killer sales campaign
  • Enact that breakthrough idea that differentiates your brand from your competition
  • Establish your brand as an authority in your industry and a resource that your customers consult when they have a problematic question and need an ANSWER

That sure sounds swell… But how do you do it?

Register for this training to learn EXACTLY how to do just that…

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In this workshop you’ll craft a “pillar” blog post ad that not only generates free traffic and leads, but sells your product or service, and creates a bond with your customers that keeps them coming back for more.

Even if you’re already using content to drive leads and sales, chances are you’re not using it to its full potential. Learning how to leverage a truly epic “blog post to end all blog posts” will give any marketer an edge over the competition.

In this hands-on training, you’ll work through the step-by-step process of creating a written article that is optimized for selling your product or service. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a post will be optimized for search and paid traffic that will attract readers that are qualified for a specific product or service.

What You'll Learn

  • A step-by-step guide to create a pillar blog post—from how to grab your audience’s attention, to building trust, to what to say to increase your credibility and authority
  • The content marketing tactics that Russ Henneberry used to increase DigitalMarketer’s front end traffic by 1,125%… in just 6 months.
  • Tools you can use to quickly produce an engaging blog post (including 2 worksheets to streamline the process)
  • “3 magic questions” to easily write your brand new, flagship piece of content and establish your brand as THE AUTHORITY in your industry


The Importance of a Unique Angle

In this excerpt from the training, Russ Henneberry discusses the transactional quality of blog posts and why yours NEED to have a unique angle.


Part 1

Core Concepts of Content Marketing

Learn the core concepts of content marketing, where it fits in the Customer Value Journey (SNEAK PEEK: everywhere), and how you can leverage free, ungated content to drive traffic, leads, and (most importantly) SALES.

Part 2

What the heck is a “Pillar Post”?

Discover what a “pillar” blog post is, the various types, what it can do for your business, and angles associated with successful “pillar” posts from businesses that know EXACTLY what they’re doing. You’ll look at examples from established companies like Salesforce, Charles Schwab, REI, Glassdoor, and many more to get an idea of what your new blog post should look like.

Part 3

Before you press “PUBLISH”

Content Marketing expert Russ Henneberry will walk you through a step-by-step plan for outlining a blog post that aligns your brand with your audience, makes a strong impression, and converts these readers into red hot leads. You’ll choose a topic, angle, and type of blog post that best suits your business… then you’ll actually write it!

Part 4

Take Action and Optimize

Before you “ship” your epic new blog post and publish it for the world to see, you’ll leverage Russ’ proven “quick and dirty” tricks for SEO and paid media optimization that will ensure as many eyes see your glorious new piece of content as possible. This is where you’ll identify media opportunities (images, videos, etc.) and really dress up your post and get it ready for the world.

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How do I access the course?

This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go at your own pace workshop so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Who is this course for?

Any marketer interested in learning how to leverage video ads to grow their business.

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders preparing for launch
  • Business owners and executives who want to cut through all the technical mumbo-jumbo
  • Freelancers and solos who want to learn the quick-and-dirty methods (that actually work)
  • Agencies looking to add video production to their menu of services

Why a “pillar” post and why NOW?

The short answer: pillar posts are the most scalable way to establish your brand as an industry authority, generate more predictable stream of traffic and leads, and grow your business.

And frankly, if you’re not these valuable pieces of content to sell your products or services, you’re already behind.

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