Craft an All-Star LinkedIn Profile That Grows Your Business & Brand

In this brand new workshop, you'll leverage Social Selling's newest frontier to get back 80% of your leads... In less than an hour

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this workshop, you’ll work directly with DigitalMarketer Director of Monetization and LinkedIn Advisory Board Member, Marcus Murphy, to build an “All-Star”-level LinkedIn profile that grows and develops not only your business… but your personal brand as well.

  • Leverage Marcus’ quick and easy 5-step process for enhancing your profile, making meaningful connections with like-minded professionals, and creating easily digestible, viral content that builds your personal brand.
  • Craft a LinkedIn profile that positions you as a resource to professionals in your industry, attracts a devout following, and boosts your authority as an industry expert.
  • Optimize every aspect of your personal profile (including the ones 99% of people don’t think of) in order to amplify your business’ reach and attract more
  • Learn DigitalMarketer’s tips for developing a LinkedIn routine that is proven to increase your reach and boost your visibility along with some quick & dirty methods that will work for you.

In 2018, simply having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough…By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a fully optimized LinkedIn presence that attracts new leads to your business and builds your credibility as an authority in your industry.

Sign up today, and let’s start building YOUR personal brand…

  • Instructor: Marcus Murphy
  • Lessons: 5
  • Length: 5+ Hours
  • Access: Lifetime Access

Topics Discussed

LinkedIn PresenceProfile OptimizationDo's & Don'ts
Marcus Murphy

Marcus Murphy

Director of Sales & Monetization – DigitalMarketer

Marcus Murphy is an entrepreneur and sales expert who cares deeply about the flourishing and success of entrepreneurs. Marcus previously worked for Yelp in San Francisco, going from start-up to multi-billion dollar giant. Currently, the Director of Monetization and professional speaker at DigitalMarketer, Marcus has pioneered new and effective sales techniques that enhance the results of the traditional inside sales model.

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You’re Missing Out On 546,000,000 Opportunities To Grow Your Business & You’re Career


That’s how many opportunities there are just waiting to be introduced to you and your brand…546 MILLION. (It’s not a lot if you say it real fast. 🙂

Where are these opportunities ? They reside on the world’s largest professional network and where the term “Social Selling” was invented…

As a business professional, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile (If your DON”T, you need to join this workshop IMMEDIATELY), but in 2018 just having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough.

Because what good are LinkedIn’s 546,000,000 (and counting) users, if you aren’t making waves with your profile, your presence and your production.

In fact, according to Forester Research, You’re missing 80% of your leads if you’re not actually active on LinkedIn…

Luckily, DigitalMarketer has a member of LinkedIn’s Advisory Board on the squad to show you exactly how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account and get 80% of your leads back…

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“Craft an All-Star LinkedIn Profile That Grows Your Business & Brand” is our brand new, 1-Day, go at your own pace, online workshop that shows you exactly how to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile, leverage the platform and its many features, and achieve your business and career goals.

Basically, it’s all about using LinkedIn to create your own personal brand and using that brand to build relationships with your customers and drive new leads and sales.

What You'll Learn

  • A fully customized LinkedIn profile and a carefully constructed content plan that will present you as an authority in your industry and drive people to not only your profile, but your business as well.
  • Our proven “10-Step LinkedIn Audit” that takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process of perfecting your profile… from cover photo to endorsements.
  • An understanding of how to actually use LinkedIn to its full potential and how you can leverage Social Selling’s premier platform to grow your business.


Narrative Over Bullets: The Readability of a Powerhouse LinkedIn Presence

In this video, Marcus Murphy discusses one glaring issue that 99% of LinkedIn profiles have... and exactly how to fix it.


LinkedIn 101

Learn the core concepts of marketing yourself on LinkedIn by looking at prime examples of LinkedIn profiles, original content, and innovative ways that “thought leaders” are using LinkedIn to grow their brands.

Building Out Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ll walk you through a 10-step plan for quickly rolling out an “All-Star”-level LinkedIn profile that generates maximum exposure for you and your brand.

Because becoming an authority in your industry and positioning yourself as a resource to people is a little more complicated than slapping a new avatar on your profile and calling it a day. It’s this step where Marcus will show you all of the insider “hacks” that only someone on the LinkedIn Advisory Board would know about.

Crafting Your Content Strategy

Marcus takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process of building a content publishing strategy that presents you as an authority in your industry and starts conversations with the people you actually want to hear from: potential customers.

Basically, we show you how to make new customers seek you out.

The Habits of the Best Marketers on LinkedIn

You could have the greatest LinkedIn profile in existence, but if you don’t develop a daily routine for sharing content, making meaningful connections, and auditing (yes…auditing) your presence, none of what you do in this workshop is going to matter.

That’s why we’ve has developed a proven system for leveraging your new All-Star profile every day to keep growing your personal brand and your professional network.

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How Do I Access the Course?

This is an “On-demand” training that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, where you’ll be able to access the training. It is a go at your own pace workshop so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Who is This Course For?

Any marketer interested in learning how to leverage LinkedIn to grow their personal brand and their business.

Because what good are LinkedIn’s 546,000,000 (and counting) users, if you aren’t making waves with your profile, your presence, and your production. Every single person on LinkedIn is a potential FREE lead for your business.

Why LinkedIn and Why Now?

Because you are missing out on FREE leads if you’re not active on LinkedIn.

According to Forrester Research, you’re missing 80% of your leads if you’re not actually active on LinkedIn… and, honestly, if that doesn’t convince you that you need to be actively leveraging LinkedIn for your business, I don’t really know what will.

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