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Ad Targeting

From custom audiences to lookalike audiences, you’ll learn the ins and outs of finding your market on Facebook.

Create Ad Copy to Drive Sales

Learn how to convey your message while still standing out in the newsfeed and remaining “on brand.”

Generate a Facebook Pixel

When it comes to custom conversions and retargeting, the Facebook pixel is of the utmost importance, and we’ll make sure you know how to implement!

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Facebook Advertising Can Be a Large Driver of Business

With the right Facebook strategy, you can start growing and expanding in bigger and better ways.

With a free Lab trial, you’re going to get a full overview of the Facebook platform. You’ll gain a solid grasp on the platform as well as the strategies you can use it to buy traffic and generate more leads for your business.

As an advertiser, you have to think about Facebook differently. Consumers aren’t on Facebook to look at ads, and it’s important to remember it’s still a social platform. You want your ad to stand out, but also blend in, meaning you don’t want your ads to look like ads, otherwise, consumers won’t click. 

Your ads should solve problems for people. You don’t want to aggressively push a sale or a product, but instead, provide value and a great experience for the end user. You need to cultivate a relationship with potential customers so they learn to trust and respect your brand.

There are three parts to every Facebook campaign – the campaign itself, the ad set, and the ads. When you start building your campaign, you first decide on the objective.

Depending on your goals for the campaign (clicks, shares, views), your objectives will be different.

Within each campaign are ad sets, where things like ad targeting and placements are decided. What differentiates ad sets is audiences. It’s in this phase where you’ll discover how custom audiences help you target warm or hot leads and lookalike audiences will assist with cold leads.

Inside of each ad set, you’ll have different ads. This is where you’ll be able to test different creative, such as images, or copy variations. You can choose different elements and start to create different ads. For example, you can choose to add buttons, descriptions, carousels, or a display link.

The last part of the ad set is budget and schedule. It’s here where you’ll learn if you want to run your ads all the time or run them on a schedule. Overall, the key to success is specificity. Start learning who to target and where to target.

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