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Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell

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Episode 21: 3 New Facebook Ad Types
December 1, 2015

In this episode of the PT podcast, you’ll learn to use three powerful new Facebook Ad types: Carousel Ads, Video Ads and Lead Ads. Keith, Molly and Ralph will teach you what these ads are, when you should use them and provide real “in the trenches” use cases for each ad type. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll find at least one of these new Facebook ad types a good fit for your business.

Episode 20: 5 Ways to Scale Paid Traffic Campaigns
November 24, 2015

Congratulations! You are seeing some success with your Facebook ad campaigns. It’s time to find new audiences like the ones that are converting and cut back on those that aren’t. The Perpetual Traffic experts (Keith, Ralph and Molly) will show you five ways to scale and optimize your successful ad campaigns in this episode of the PT podcast.

Episode 19: Facebook Ad Graduate School [Case Study: Betty Rocker Part Four]
November 17, 2015

Bree Argetsinger (A.K.A. The Betty Rocker) is back to talk about how she’s taken her business from organic Instagram advertising to Facebook’s video ads. At the end of Bree’s 3-Part series, she had a great educational video on her landing page that she wanted to turn into a Facebook video ad. She turned it into an ad and started running it… and Facebook disapproved it. Facebook’s ad policies have tightened leading to a major increase in the number of disapproved ads and — even worse — banned accounts. In this...

Episode 18: Preventing Facebook Ad Account Shut Down
November 10, 2015

Facebook’s ad policies have tightened leading to a major increase in the number of disapproved ads and — even worse — banned accounts. In this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, the Perpetual Traffic experts (Keith, Molly and Ralph) outline the information you need to run ads on Facebook without fear of being shut down.

Episode 17: eCommerce + Paid Traffic: Ezra Firestone on Physical Product Traffic Campaigns
November 3, 2015

Ezra Firestone has sold millions of dollars in physical products online. He’s sold everything from skin care products and coffee to Halloween masks and cheese. On this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, Ezra joins the PT experts to teach you what he’s learned about driving targeted website traffic to physical product offers.

Episode 16: Paid Traffic Q&A: Cold Traffic Offers, Scaling Campaigns and Power Editor
October 27, 2015

This week the Perpetual Traffic experts are answering listener questions about buying website traffic. The questions come from the Facebook Ads University and Digital Marketer Engage Facebook communities.

Episode 15: Selling Music Training with Paid Traffic
October 20, 2015

Graham English started building websites and learning digital marketing techniques to promote his rock band. Today, Graham has turned his passion for music into profitable digital businesses in the music industry. Over the last 24 months, Graham has grown his business over 400% using the repeatable process he shares in this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

Episode 14: Frank Kern on Selling High-Dollar Products and Services with Paid Traffic Campaigns
October 13, 2015

Are you making offers that require an in-person meeting or consultative sales call? Frank Kern joins the Perpetual Traffic crew (Keith, Molly and Ralph) to reveal his 3-tiered system for creating paid traffic campaigns that sell high priced products and services.

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Meet The Host

Amanda Powell
Amanda Powell

Amanda is the Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketer, where she helps drive the mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses. She’s lived and worked in Austin for the last six years, implementing marketing and content strategies for local businesses and large software companies alike. With a background in journalism, she's focused on helping professionals grow themselves and their businesses by asking the right questions and launching the right campaigns.

Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns

Ralph Burns is the CEO of Tier 11, a digital advertising agency that specializes in helping businesses scale through Facebook advertising. Ralph's agency manages a portfolio of Facebook advertising customer accounts in over 30 industries with an annual spend in excess of $40 million.