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Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam

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Episode 78: 8 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017: Facebook Messenger Ads, Ad Load, and Brand Personality
January 3, 2017

How will digital marketing evolve in 2017? The experts make eight predictions and detail what they’re paying attention to in the new year. Listen so you can stay ahead of the trends and change your traffic strategy accordingly.

Episode 77: 7 Biggest Traffic Takeaways from 2016
December 28, 2016

The Perpetual Traffic team shares their 7 biggest traffic takeaways from 2016. From the slew of new products and features that Facebook launched to our favorite episode of the year, this one is packed full of great reminders (and brand new takeaways) to round your year out just right. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we look forward to providing more value for you in 2017.

1 dollar day boosted post
Episode 76: Testing and Scaling Facebook Campaigns with $1/Day Boosted Posts
December 20, 2016

Chris Mattock, CEO of FlowMotion Agency, joins the experts to detail how boosting posts in Facebook has been “game-changing.” Listen to learn the strategy and the targeting they use to vet and test posts before they become Facebook campaigns, so you can gain momentum to scale your campaigns, build-up your fanbase, and generate more customers.

presidential election facebook ads
Episode 75: How Facebook Ads Decided the U.S. Presidential Election
December 13, 2016

In case study fashion, the experts examine how Facebook ads played a pivotal role in the 2016 election. Listen to learn how the tactics used in the bid for the White House are directly applicable to all brands, and how you can use Facebook ads to gain “votes” for people to read your content, opt-in to your Lead Magnet, or buy your product.

Episode 74: $30k in 3 Months with Push Notifications
December 6, 2016

The Perpetual Traffic experts are joined by Lindsay Marder, Managing Editor at DigitalMarketer, to detail how DigitalMarketer is using push notifications to diversify their traffic, engage with their audience, and ultimately generate a 15%-20% click rate on Lead Magnet push notifications that have led to a 38% conversion rate.

Episode 73: 3 Ways to Use the Facebook Pixel to Create High Converting Ad Campaigns
November 29, 2016

Are you confused or frustrated by the Facebook pixel? The experts will simplify things and explain the three ways they use the Facebook pixel without any “scary” code talk. Join the PT crew as they demystify the Facebook pixel and explain how you can use it to track, retarget, and optimize your campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Ads
Episode 72: How DigitalMarketer Generated 500% ROI in 3 Days Using Facebook Messenger
November 22, 2016

500% ROI from Facebook Messenger?! This is big. Listen as Molly details how DigitalMarketer used the new Facebook Ad Messenger Placement to start over 300 conversations with their fans and customers, which led to a 500% ROI in just three days! Discover how this strategy is applicable to any business advertising on Facebook.

scale facebook ad campaign
Episode 71: The Michigan Method: A Strategy for Scaling Ad Campaigns
November 15, 2016

Are you having problems controlling your Facebook ads and keeping your conversion costs in check as you scale? Take back control from the Facebook ad platform using the Michigan Method, the “multivariate testing technique on steroids.” Ralph reveals how to use this strategy (and the origins of its name), so you can get the best ad results. This episode goes above and beyond the tactics discussed in Episode 69.

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Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns

Ralph Burns is the CEO of Tier 11, a digital advertising agency that specializes in helping businesses scale through Facebook advertising. Ralph's agency manages a portfolio of Facebook advertising customer accounts in over 30 industries with an annual spend in excess of $40 million.