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Episode 262: Should You Focus on Quality or Quantity with Uzair Kharawala


On today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse talks to Uzair Kharawala, a Google & YouTube Certified Partner and the co-founder of SF Digital Studios. Uzair is not afraid to say that marketers should be creating content. But the big question is, how much content is enough, and does frequency of posting play a part in the equation? According to Uzair, quality content will always beat quantity of content. However, if you want to grow your brand’s reach quickly, quality and quantity go hand-in-hand.

Listen in as Uzair settles the debate on quality versus quantity content. He also explains how to balance both because producing high-quality content is a waste of time if nobody ever sees it.


  • How much content should you create
  • What to consider when thinking about high-quality content
  • How to find the happy middle between quality and quantity
  • The rise of video content
  • Keywords and the benefits of niching down
  • Short-form versus long-form content
  • Ideas for better content distribution

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