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Episode 316: Prosperous Growth Through Partnership with Etan Polinger


Which clients do you enjoy serving the most? Because those clients are the ones you will invariably give your best to. 

Etan Polinger is the owner of Prosperous Media, a full-service digital marketing agency that, perhaps, bit off more than it could chew when Etan first started out on his own. 

Etan has since learned a thing or two about choosing which clients to work with you as you scale. 

Etan is chatting with Mark de Grasse today about the benefits of becoming a Certified Partner of The DigitalMarketer’s Agency Accelerator Program. 

In particular, the structure and framework that concepts like the Customer Value Journey have provided Etan with as he revels in partnering with The DigitalMarketer. 

Discernment when it comes to niching down and working with the right clients on the right kind of projects is discussed, as is the authenticity that comes with having failed before and not positioning yourself to your clients as some kind of know-it-all guru. 

While immediate growth as an entrepreneur may be considered awesome to some, for others, the sudden scalability of your enterprise (particularly in the digital marketing space) creates its own new set of business challenges. 

The value of having a partner such as The DigitalMarketer is well articulated by Etan in this honest account of his success as well as the challenges that success has brought.

Etan Polinger is the founder of Prosperous Media, a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and more. Etan is enjoying increased success as a Certified Partner of The DigitalMarketer Agency Accelerator Program. 


01:12 What happened? Etan’s journey as an entrepreneur and then joining the Accelerator Program

06:32 Appreciating Etan’s breakout moment: understanding the Customer Value Journey

09:26 Learning to let go of clients that you can’t serve to the best of your ability

12:16 How does Etan plan and systemize his business future as he niches down?

16:00 Being in the right frame of mind to help your clients (having failed before)

18:44 Building a business model that is based on AI opportunity

22:45 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome so people will do business with you

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