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The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a weekly show produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely.

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digitalMarketer SEO strategy
Episode 51: Building Skyscraper Content Part 2 with Amanda Powell
May 30, 2019

Amanda Powell lifts the hood on the DigitalMarketer SEO strategy tells us how to snag the ultimate keyword and increase your organic search traffic.

Copywriting with Jon Benson
Episode 50: The Secrets Behind Turning Good Copy Into Great Copy with Jon Benson, Creator of the VSL
May 23, 2019

In this episode, Garrett and Jenna sit down with Jon Benson to listen to his copywriting secrets.

design pickle entrepreneur challenges
Episode 49: Overcoming the Hardest Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs with Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle
May 16, 2019

In this episode, Russ explains how he built a design agency making $10 million in annual recurring revenue this year.

Viral Video Ads
Episode 48: Dissecting the Creative Process Behind the Most Viral Ads of the Decade w/ Dan Harmon
May 9, 2019

Dan Harmon, Chief Creative Officer at The Harmon Brothers, explains the step-by-step process of creating viral ads like Squatty Potty and Purple.

Corporate Lessons For Entrepreneurs
Episode 47: Critical Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Glean From Large Corporations in 2019 with Nicole Walters
May 2, 2019

This episodes guest, Nicole Walters, talks about how her corporate background helped her learn how to start her own business.

content creation
Episode 46: Turn One Idea Into a Month’s Worth Of Content With The Power Of Splintering
April 25, 2019

In this episode, Garrett breaks down how to come up with content ideas and how to use splintering to fill your content calendar every month.

conversational marketing
Episode 45: What The Heck is Going on in the World of Marketing? with Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing @ Drift
April 18, 2019

Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, joins to explain how to use conversational marketing to talk with your customers and create a movement around your brand.

Educational Content
Episode 44: Chris Davis on Building Educational Content to Grow Your Business
April 11, 2019

We sit down with Chris Davis, Director of Education at ActiveCampaign to talk about how to use educational content to grow your business both internally and externally.

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Garrett Holmes
Garrett Holmes

Garrett Holmes is DigitalMarketer's Director of Content, responsible for increasing DigitalMarketer's organic reach and consumption through editorial, video, and social media. Originally from Michigan, he has since migrated to Austin, Texas where he has helped businesses grow their audiences through a multitude of content strategies. To learn more about him, connect with Garrett on LinkedIn.