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The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a weekly show produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely.

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Episode 22
Episode 22: Brian Brushwood, Founder @ The Modern Rogue on Growing a Successful Business by Finding Your Niche
November 1, 2018

Brian Brushwood talks with our hosts about the power of finding your niche and how it helped him make a name for himself in the crowded magic market.

Episode 21
Episode 21: Dominic Cummins, Founder @ RightMind, Inc. on How to Hire the Right Candidate the First Time
October 25, 2018

If you need to hire new employees, or are struggling to find the right fit, Dominic Cummins has some advice for you. Stop hiring for skill sets, and start hiring based on personality traits.

Episode 20
Episode 20: Sonya Keenan, Managing Director @ Omnichannel Media Group on Selling Your Story to Grow Your Business
October 18, 2018

If you want your business to be successful, don’t sell your product. Sell your story. Sonya Keenan explains how positioning along a storyline where the customer is the hero, instead of the business, leads to business growth.

Episode 19: AJ Wilcox, Founder @ B2Linked on When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads
October 11, 2018

Which platform will have the highest campaign conversion rates for a B2B company, Facebook or LinkedIn? AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked, the answer is LinkedIn. AJ breaks down when this is your best option and when you should be might want to use Facebook.

Digital Marketing Consultant on Using Content to Generate Free Traffic
Episode 18: Russ Henneberry, Digital Marketing Consultant @ on Using Content to Generate Free Traffic
October 4, 2018

In this episode, we talk to Russ about the content strategies he used to help grow DigitalMarketer, how savvy marketers repurpose their content and the three focuses of successful entrepreneurs.

Episode 17: Chris Mercer, Co-Founder @ on Vanity Metrics vs the Useful Truth
September 27, 2018

Chris Mercer joins Jenna and Garrett and talks about how to approach your metrics to get real actionable steps rather than just looking at the numbers. They also touch on how Google Analytics has changed over the years and where it is going in the near future.

Software on Getting More Customers
Episode 16: Jeff Mask, CRO @ JJUMPP Software on Getting More Customers by Managing Your Online Business Presence
September 20, 2018

Is your online business presence helping you generate more customers, or is it scaring them off? Jeff Mask joins us this week and explains the importance of a strong social presence and how to use it to grow traffic.

Finding Passion in Your Job
Episode 15: Keith Yackey, Chief Happiness Officer @ Amplify Live on Finding the Passion in Your Job
September 13, 2018

Keith Yackey spent years in unfulfilling, but well paying jobs before he set out to find what his passion really was. As it turns out, he’s passionate about helping others find their calling. Keith sat down with Jenna and Garrett this week to talk about how important it is to do what you were called…

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Meet The Host

Jenna Snavely
Jenna Snavely

As DigitalMarketer's Event Coordinator, Jenna assists in the coordination, planning, and execution of DigitalMarketer events (including Traffic & Conversion Summit) that over 10,000 people worldwide travel to attend. She also sources and maintains relationships with current and future speakers, content contributors, and rockstar practitioners. Jenna has a background in education and 11 years of experience performing improv comedy, which she included in this bio for some reason.

Garrett Holmes
Garrett Holmes

Garrett Holmes is DigitalMarketer's Director of Content, responsible for increasing DigitalMarketer's organic reach and consumption through editorial, video, and social media. Originally from Michigan, he has since migrated to Austin, Texas where he has helped businesses grow their audiences through a multitude of content strategies. To learn more about him, connect with Garrett on LinkedIn.