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Episode 10: Beau Haralson, CMO of Human Design on The Five Things Every Business Needs To Focus On For Long-Term Success
August 9, 2018

If 80% of decisions are made through emotions, tell an emotional story in your campaigns. Beau Haralson used this strategy to make his agency, Clymb Marketing, the fastest growing agency in Colorado. While most agencies focus on the highest performing digital trends, he strategizes around human patterns that have remained the same for years. Beau…

Episode 9: Nicholas Kusmich, CEO and Facebook Ads Expert on Creating Facebook Advertising Campaigns That Actually ROI
August 2, 2018

Nicholas Kusmich is the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist with the highest ROI’s in the industry. His strategy is simple, you must give before you ask for anything in return. And he has seen this strategy pan out again and again in his advertising campaigns. In this episode Nicholas sits down with Garrett in the…

Episode 8: Oli Billson, CEO of Oliver Billson Marketing on Solving the Biggest Problem Entrepreneurs Face Today
July 26, 2018

Oli Billson started his first business when he was 15 years old, and now he’s an international speaker, sharing his expertise on marketing strategies for business success and growth. Oli Joined us at DigitialMarketer to share his strategy for success: the idea of building businesses within businesses. He outlines the benefit of developing additional income…

Episode 7: Marcus Murphy, Dir. of Monetization @ DigitalMarketer on Why You Should be Using LinkedIn to Boost Sales and Brand Image
July 20, 2018

LinkedIn has over half a billion users and is on its way their goal of accumulating 3 billion users worldwide and Marcus Murphy has seen its potential from the start. Marcus is on the Customer Advisory Board of LinkedIn and is the Director of Monetization at DigitalMarketer. He joins Jenna and Garrett to talk about…

Episode 6: Dennis Yu, CTO @ BlitzMetrics on How to Create Facebook Ads That Drive Real Results
July 12, 2018

While most advertisers think that Facebook isn’t on their team and is disqualifying their ads, Dennis Yu knows that they’re the ones inadequately using the system. Because for a long time, he was one of the ones cheating the system. Now Dennis is the CTO of BlitzMetrics and has changed his relationship with Facebook; they…

Episode 5: Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer on The CEO’s Role in Marketing
July 2, 2018

Today, Ryan is the CEO of DigitalMarketer. But for a long time, he was in the weeds of marketing, pulling all-nighters to write email copy. When he finally took on the leadership role, he found that turning off his inner marketer and turning on his inner CEO was a difficult shift. This week, Ryan talks…

Episode 4: Billy Gene Shaw, Founder and CEO @ Billy Gene Is Marketing on How To Make Video Ads That Actually ROI
July 1, 2018

Nothing sells like proof, a core value that Billy Gene Shaw has built an advertising empire around. Using video content, he has amassed hundreds of millions of views on advertisements for his agency and his clients’ businesses. And this week he walks you through how to harness the power of video ads. The hosts dive…

Episode 3: Suzi Nelson, Community Strategist @ DigitalMarketer on How to Leverage Communities to Generate Revenue for Your Business
June 30, 2018

As the Community Strategist at Digital Marketer, Suzi Nelson knows that community can become a self sustaining advertisement for your business’s products. Her advice from this week’s episode to community managers is simple. Stop making community about direct sales and start making it about emotional relationships. Suzi explains the 2 strategies of starting a new…

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Jenna Snavely
Jenna Snavely

Jenna is the Content Manager (Production) at DigitalMarketer and Host of the DigitalMarketer Podcast. You may also know her as "the one that emails me sometimes". Since 2017 she has worked with thousands of industry experts to develop and program training content and curriculum for DigitalMarketer and Traffic & Conversion Summit (and just about every other DM event). Just in the last year, she has produced and released 254 pieces of training content, which is a lot if you ask her. Jenna has a background in education, over 13 years of improvisational comedy training, has written 1/6 of a novel, and perfected her focaccia recipe. Connect with Jenna on LinkedIn.