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Episode 324: Helping Business Professionals Become Published Authors with Paul G. McManus


Are you a business professional or business owner who’s weighed up the idea of writing your own book? 

You’ve been raised in a world where you’ve been psychologically conditioned to trust a book, but now everything is digital and to add to the confusion, there’s AI!

Paul McManus is the co-founder of More Clients, More Fun and the author of ‘The Short Book Formula’. 

He’s in conversation with TDM’s Mark de Grasse, and together they’re exploring the reasons why you should publish your own book. 

This starts with seeing your book as a marketing tool and an authority builder.  

They promise that what you should do with that book to generate sales will be discussed in a ‘part two’ episode soon. 

For now, the emphasis is on the hard copy book as part of the marketing, lead generation, and sales process. 

A book can create a brand, facilitate trust, and it elevates your status. 

If you feel that actual writing is too much of a barrier to entry to your masterpiece, or that you’re just too embarrassed to convey your story, then Paul’s publishing process involves system creation, ideation, and reforming concepts into something that’s deliverable and scalable, will be right up your alley.

Paul McManus is the co-founder of More Clients, More Fun and the author of ‘The Short Book Formula’, the ideal solution for financial professionals who want to write and publish their books quickly and efficiently. 

Their unique approach allows you to get your message out to the world in record time (six short weeks), without sacrificing quality. 

Their approach will also help you make sure that your book is compelling and engaging so that your readers will become clients and champions of your business.


00:59 Why should anybody (professionals or a business) have a book?

08:00 How is AI (ChatGPT4) changing the publishing landscape for Paul?

14:44 Print versus digital: do you have to actually print?

19:10 Using AI to write your book: what are the challenges?

23:50 Becoming a published author in only six weeks

25:10 Appreciating Paul’s process of working with his clients

28:20 Why it’s worth working with a publishing professional

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