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Episode 301: How to Build a Business from Scratch with Jay Perkins


Building a business can be daunting and you’re bound to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning.

But if you’re willing to swallow your pride, learn from your mistakes, and focus on providing excellent customer experience, you have a great chance to become successful.

Today’s guest has had his share of mistakes growing his brand and he’s here to share it all. The DigitalMarketer Podcast welcomes Jay Perkins, co-founder of Kettlebell Kings and Living Fit.

Kettlebell Kings is a fitness company specializing in high-quality kettlebells while Living Fit offers a range of non-kettlebell equipment, digital products, and training courses.

Jay co-founded Kettlebell Kings in 2013 with some friends from college. Through hard work and a winning content marketing strategy, they grew the business and successfully made an exit in late 2021 to a larger e-commerce aggregator company.

Tune in as Mark and Jay talk about what it’s like starting a business from scratch, growing it, scaling, and negotiating a sale for a profitable exit.


02:18 How did Jay niche down with his brand of kettlebells?

05:47 Operational requirements for brands like Kettlebell Kings

09:21 Making mistakes along the way until you become ready to scale

11:43 How do you cultivate people to come back after their first purchase?

16:17 How Jay built his content to make his content platform a real brand supporting his ecommerce business

19:01 Building the connection with Living Fit and Kettle Kings brands 

24:34 What paved the way for Jay deciding on the next best thing for the business?

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