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Episode 304: Double Your Growth with the 5-Level Ad Domination Framework with EJ Saunders


Entrepreneurs and business owners are always looking for ways to improve, whether that’s offering better products or implementing more efficient processes. 

But before you invest too much into your business, make sure it’s the right time to grow. However, growth does not only mean higher sales volume. 

It also means having a deeper understanding of your client’s journey and providing them with the best possible experience so they stay with you for a long time. 

So how exactly do you take your business to the next level? 

In today’s episode of The DigitalMarketer Podcast, Mark speaks with Digital Marketing Strategist EJ Saunders. 

Tune in as they talk about weaving your marketing strategy around the different stages of the customer journey and taking your customer to the next level. 

EJ also shares how he managed to remove himself from his business operations and allow his team to work at their best while he focused on his zone of genius.

EJ is a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner and the CEO of Blaze Digital Solutions, an outdoor industry marketing agency focusing on building profitable digital ad experiences through Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads.


01:56 – How to take six months away from your business and accelerate your growth

06:20 – How EJ built the 5-Level Ad Domination Framework and the time it took him to build it

11:41 – The five levels of ad domination and how they work

14:57 – Tracking and retargeting through Facebook and other platforms

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