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Episode 49: Overcoming the Hardest Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs with Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle


Live from the Traffic & Conversion Summit stage, Russ Perry, Founder and CEO of Design Pickle, sits down with Garrett to talk about how he built a design agency making $10 million in annual recurring revenue this year.

In this episode, Russ explains how he went from aspiring entrepreneur to multi-million dollar success story, how he thinks about his future at Design Pickle, and what he does to manage the stress of running such a large company.


  • How Russ was able to recover from a million-dollar loss in 2014 to a 200+ employee business and $10 million in ARR in 2019
  • Why Russ hired a project manager as his first employee instead of a designer and how he documents every role before hiring for the position
  • Russ’s strategy to systemize himself out of the day-to-day of Design Pickle and focus only on its growth
  • Design Pickle’s biggest win and failure in 2018


Design Pickle
Startup School by Y-Combinator
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Russ on LinkedIn

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