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Episode 229: Creating 1000+ Social Posts from 7 Pieces of Content with Shaina Weisinger


What if your entire social media calendar was already full for the entire year and you could cross it off your list? Can you imagine??

On today’s episode, host Shaina Weisinger walks us through a high-level overview of a course she created for DigitalMarketer Lab on repurposing content. If you want to do a deep dive and sign up for the course, you absolutely can (and we highly recommend it). The concept of repurposing is pretty self-explanatory, but to make sure we’re on the same page, it means taking a small snippet from a larger piece of content and using it on all the social media platforms in appropriate ways. Oh, and always strategically pointing it back to the original long form content which lives on your website. Now, get your calculator out and see if you can really (actually, truly) turn 7 magical pieces of content into 1078 social posts. (Spoiler: you can.)

Listen in to find out how.

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  • Why long form video works best for repurposing 
  • How you can add blog posts to your website without writing them yourself 
  • Which kind of images perform better than any other
  • Why the number 7 really is the number of perfection when it comes to social media



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