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Episode 328: Building Authority through Email with Igor Kheifets


In a crowded marketplace, how can we as digital marketers, improve our list-building skills? 

Email list building is ethical, effective, and cheap! Igor’s insight into helping us recognize that email is the platform that puts people in the mood for any kind of financial transaction is genius. 

After all, wouldn’t you rather be transacting in sales from an email newsletter first thing in the morning than earning ‘likes’ from your latest social media post?

Also, it’s about delivering educational, entertaining content that positions you as the authority in your niche so that when your subscriber is ready to pull the trigger on what you’re offering, you are their ‘go-to’ person.

Igor’s in conversation with TDMs Mark de Grasse, and they’re talking about the art and science of getting a potential prospect to give you their email address so that you can give them information on your business, follow up with them over time, and then convert them into a customer and (hopefully) repeat buyer.

There’s also advice on how to grow your list through ‘transferability’ and getting mentions (landing page links) on other people’s lists. 

It’s about changing the scarcity mindset that a marketer may be prone to adopting in believing that you’re competing for that one person’s email address, and appreciating that people can be on several lists at once. 

Learn how to better guarantee sales results by targeting people with something they’re already interested in by following Igor’s succinct advice on email list building for both beginners and marketing pros alike! 

Igor Kheifets is an Amazon best-selling author of List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire and the founder of the ‘List Building Lifestyle’, an online academy training people how to become financially free with email marketing.

Check out and get a free hard copy of his Amazon Best-Selling Book + $3,208 in free bonuses, which includes the digital and audio copies, plus courses and templates to start building your email list today.


01:38 What qualifies as an expert these days?

02:18 What is list building?

02:30 Why email is the preferred form of marketing communication

04:55 Becoming the ‘go to’ authority by building up email communication with clients

06:18 How your list members can remain dormant for years – and that’s okay

08:50 What platform is best for sales first thing in the day?

10:00 Why transacting in sales (via email) beats transacting in ‘likes’ on socials

12:00 How your email portal is already being used for any financial transaction 

14:49 How do you build your email list?

17:10 The value in ‘renting out’ someone else’s list 

20:50 What do you send your customers every day? 

23:30 Telling your own story to your email list

24:48 Being educational and entertaining with your emails

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