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Episode 312: Bridging Personal & Business Branding with Rachel B. Lee


What does the intersection of personal and business branding look like, and how can we use that to foster a connection with our consumers, as well as our employees? 

Does a company’s employee necessarily need to share the same brand values as the company itself?

Rachel B. Lee is a personal and business branding consultant, and she’s answering these questions for us today, while also tackling the more tricky philosophical issue of purpose as it relates to articulating why we are doing what we do.

We can’t all save the world, as Rachel candidly points out. But there’s a ‘leaning in’ to what gives us joy as we create content and develop our brands. 

That is perhaps a more purpose-driven approach to marketing than simply powering through a job or brief that we aren’t enjoying. 

Creating meaningful, unique content — especially with the advent of AI — still requires that authentic human touch. 

How we convert that content into sales while not suffering from content fatigue, and how we build advocates for our brand rather than just customers, or followers even, are the vital marketing issues that lie at the heart of this illuminating conversation between two highly adept brand and marketing consultants. 

Rachel B. Lee is the co-owner and CMO of Standout Authority, a marketing and branding strategy company she founded with her husband, Joshua B. Lee.


01:24 Advocating Personal Branding

04:20 Unpacking a business brand’s value proposition

06:28 Separating Passion from Purpose

11:00 The journey of finding your (humble) purpose

14:20 Developing a good content strategy

16:30 The challenge of conversion on content

18:13 Where is my audience, and what is my value proposition?

20:03 Using a newsletter to chop it up into several pieces of content

21:30 Not just building customers or followers, but advocates

23:00 Creating content — and not knowing who’s consuming it

25:03 Using AI as a tool to create personal and business branding content

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