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Episode 243: A Different Way to Grow a Digital Agency with Andy Bontz


Quick question: who is your ideal hiring prospect? Can you confidently list their preferences, motivations, and pain points? Do you even know why they are choosing you instead of the company next door?

On today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse talks about the applicant’s journey with Andy Bontz, the Marketing Director for Mid-West Family of Companies. Andy reveals how just like the customer journey, job applicants of today go through a candidate journey when looking for job opportunities. They don’t just land on your job post ready to apply. They like to learn about your vision, corporate culture, and growth opportunities before they’re ready to send out their resume.

If you’re struggling to attract the best candidates for your organization, your applicant’s journey is probably to blame.

Tune in to learn more about what applicants look for when applying for jobs, how you can improve the entire candidate experience, and consistently attract the best talent.

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  • What is the applicant’s journey?
  • How to navigate the candidate-centric job environment
  • How to visualize the ideal candidate and build a job post around them
  • How to demonstrate organizational culture to potential applicants
  • Beat your competition to the best applicants
  • Eliminate all friction in the applicant’s journey
  • Tips to help you attract millennial and Gen Z job seekers



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