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Episode 327: A Copy Blueprint for Long-Term Marketing Success with Jon Reyes


Is there a simple, proven approach to copywriting that can be integrated successfully into marketing campaigns and then automated ad infinitum? 

Jon Reyes believes there is. Jon is the owner of Copy and he has built a tried and tested system around copywriting that is cohesive with your marketing plans. 

It comes down to three simple strategies: marketing and writing for conversions, marketing and writing for your brand voice, and marketing and writing to give insanely good value to your audience. 

Sure, this does differ, as health and wellness strategies will differ from entrepreneurial and personal growth advice, but ultimately it boils down to these three approaches that, once grasped, can be automated (forever!)

So, if your influencer is big on brand voice, you focus on that. If your product is strong, you focus on conversions. 

But what happens when an influencer plateaus? Do they reveal personal details about their lives and show their imperfections to grow their audience? 

What about products like Apple that attract and repel? Is direct marketing effective and how does Jon evaluate a company’s efforts through his systematic approach?

Today’s TDM is a lesson in brand voice (how you want to be portrayed versus what your audience reacts to) and provides answers to the questions above. 

It is a timely reminder of the importance of consistent messaging in your copy-driven marketing. 

From working with marketing masterminds to ‘up and coming gurus’, Jon has seen it all and stands by his experience. 

Making money and satisfying your clientele is an easier juggling act with Jon’s copywriting blueprint for success.

Jon Reyes is a freelance copywriter, CRO specialist, and the owner of Copy

Jon is responsible for multiple 8-figures in sales for health and wellness experts, influencers, and info-marketers. 

He has built an entire system around copywriting that is cohesive with your marketing plans. 

Get the tried-and-tested “Shortcut” to a 6-Figure Income as a part-time copywriter by visiting and see how transforming “The Written Word” into measurable, explosive profits can rock your world.


01:10 What does a cohesive approach to copywriting look like?

03:10 What are some examples of how Jon’s approach has worked?

05:10 What happens when an influencer plateaus?

06:50 How does Jon measure direct response marketing campaigns?

08:40 The value of marketing consistency

09:35 How do you describe a brand voice?

12:35 Is your brand ‘pretending’? Be genuine!

13:55 How do you translate an authentic voice into conversions?

15:35 Why influencing can become a lazy popularity contest

18:10 What happens when you go for conversions too aggressively?

19:35 How to create a value message that keeps your customers for a long time?

24:20 How to pinpoint your values – and then scale quickly

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