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Episode 162: Why Everyone Needs to Think Like a Startup with Rico Glover


The world is changing, and even the most long-established businesses have to start thinking like it’s day one if they want to survive. Rico Glover, the host of Startup Grind Charlotte, is a forward-thinking digital marketer with a passion for training entrepreneurs and startups. On today’s episode, he sits down with host Jenna Snavely to talk about the rapid evolution of business and marketing. Bottom line? Learn new things and get ahead of the curve—or get left behind.

Rico is a certified partner in the DigitalMarketer community and specializes in leveraging social media to the fullest to deliver powerful results. As the Startup Mayor of Charlotte, he creates dynamic, results-driven campaigns for clients and hopes to increase the number of people trained in digital marketing.


  • How Rico went from fired to 6 figures (and why he credits DigitalMarketer) 
  • Rico’s hottest local event marketing tips
  • What changes he would make to today’s “messed-up” educational system
  • What the “largest transfer of wealth in history” means for your business

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