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About Team Impress Marketing

Team Impress - Our specialty is transforming your current marketing team into an Optimal Performance Marketing Team. Team Impress specializes in being able to take "under-performers" and turn them into rockstars that grow your business. This is done in 2 ways. Discovering their Optimal Performance DNA and then providing with world class marketing training.

Team Impress helps turn your under-performing team into a team that grows your business for you! Our 3-Step Plan to an Optimal Performance teams is: 1. Optimal Performance Consultation - to discuss your goals, challenges (as a company) and opportunities 2. Optimal Performance DNA - We assess and debrief each team member to discover how they specifically add value to grow your business and in a way where everyone LOVES what they do and delivers at their highest value. 3. Build Your Growth Team - Understanding the teams Optimal Performance DNA - we help you build and structure your "growth" - by placing the right people in the right roles. Then give them training to make it rain for your business!

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