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About Strap Marketing

We want to bring our 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing training and practice to small businesses that are fighting the good fight every day. Your business is your passion and whether you are an accidental or intentional entrepreneur, you are in the arena every day looking for customers and going up against the naysayers. We are natural teachers and love to help businesses succeed. We have owned eCommerce sites and hobby businesses and in the course of bringing our offerings to the world, have learned the importance of a solid digital marketing plan that speaks to the needs and unique pain points of our customers in a way that naturally leads to sales. We are trained in the knowledge and execution of: Digital Advertising Search Marketing Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Community Management Copywriting Product Development Curriculum Development Bot Creation Confidence in marketing is hard to come by, but with the right digital marketing plan, targeted products and services, and some human-centered innovation, we strongly believe that small businesses can go from getting by to becoming active thought leaders in their industry. Our team at Strap Marketing is trained, certified, and capable of helping in all three of those areas.

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