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About SixthDivision

We help entrepreneurs build impactful Client Journeys that get them More Clients, with Less Stress and Less Headache.

We help small businesses build better Client Journeys. We believe that a killer Client Journey is created at the intersection of experience and technology. A well-designed experience is what gets people to convert. Technology makes it easier to execute and scale a well-designed experience. Over the last 6 years, we’ve invested over $4,000,000 and logged more than 70,000 hours mastering the craft of small business automation. We’ve taken everything we learned and packed it into a four-part proprietary framework that we call The Client Journey Experience™. The Client Journey Experience™ is our proprietary framework for helping you combine experience and technology so you can get more clients with less stress and less headache. First, we define your Client Journey. The first step in building anything is actually knowing what you’re building. The Client Journey is no exception. We’re going to start by helping you define a very clear picture of all the places where you can leverage technology and experience in your business. Then we design the Experiences. Impactful experiences don’t just happen by accident. They’re designed. Once we’ve defined the Client Journey, the next step will be to prioritize which experiences will have the greatest impact on your business. Then we’ll take you through our proprietary Unpack Your Brain™ process to create a detailed blueprint of the experience we want to create. Then we implement the Technology. With blueprinted experiences in had, we’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of actually building it into Infusionsoft. Our step-by-step implementation system makes it super easy to implement at lightning speed WITHOUT leaving any messes that you’ll have to clean up six months down the road. We do it right the first time. Then we Measure, Analyze, and Adjust. So we got the experiences live. Now it’s time to see how well they’re performing. We have reporting tools that make it super easy to determine if a campaign is producing the results we need and where we can make improvements. We’ll continue to make adjustments as necessary until this whole thing is humming like a well-oiled machine.

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