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About SiteSmash

SiteSmash was created in 2017 with the goal of helping businesses be free of the need to outsource their marketing to an agency. We help businesses own and control the fundamentals of digital marketing in house and enable by helping them hire, train and manage their first internal marketing team. How we do it: 1. Growth Acceleration Workshops - we understand that marketing teams aren't free so we work with you to create a growth plan that will more than pay for the investment of an internal marketing team. 2. Growth Coaching (Fractional CMO) - we understand that as a business owner, you are excellent at your business but hiring, training and managing a marketing team is can be like learning and speaking a foreign language. We'll bridge the gap by being your short term fractional CMO to do that for you at 1/3 the cost of an actual CMO. 3. Training & Hiring Resources - We know what makes good marketers and we'll help you hire and train your ideal marketing team.

We help companies rely less on marketing agencies and more on their internal marketing team. We help companies who are two years old or more, generating 1 million in sales (at least) 2x their revenue in twelve months or less. We do this first by helping them build a predictable selling system (aka sales/marketing funnel). With the increase of revenue from the sales funnel development we fun the hiring, training and management of their first internal marketing team. When we're done our clients enjoy the freedom of having their own internal marketing team to handle the 80% of the marketing that they love while being able to outsource parts of it to specialist agencies if they so choose. In short, we help companies become marketing self-reliant and free them from being trapped by outsourced digital agencies.

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