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About RightMind, Inc.

Agencies! Convert more opportunities into sales, without changing your lead flow. Studies show that agencies convert qualified opportunities into sales at a rate of 11%. This is one of the lowest closing percentages of any industry. At RightMind, we can help you drastically improve these numbers and land more clients that "get it."

Are you tired of hearing how your business could be so much better if only you ran Facebook or Google Ads, or focused on SEO, etc.? We were tired of hearing that too. So, with the help of our friends at DigitalMarketer, we created an eight-step journey that helps you turn complete strangers into raving fans. We call it the Advocate Journey. We believe that hope is not a good strategy when it comes to running a business. Running a campaign, by itself, can be one of those "hope" strategies. Instead, we help you take a look at your entire sales and marketing continuum, from the perspective of your buyer and craft a strategy and message that works. We are not just another marketing agency. We are business strategy experts. #AlignCreatePropel

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