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About OfficeSmarts Web Design & Online Marketing Agency

Harnessing the power of the Internet to bring life to a stale web site, minimize manual processes, generate high quality in-bound leads and automate your online marketing efforts is the focus of OfficeSmarts Web Design & Online Marketing Agency. With a highly trained web design team, complete with web programmers and digital marketing specialists who know the Internet business, OfficeSmarts is committed to providing excellence in customer service and developing a highly-functional web presence that not only informs but engages with your customer. And has been doing so since 1997! It is through this commitment and dedication that has allowed our clients to realize their Internet potential and address their complex business challenges.

WEB DESIGN, SALES TRAINING, SALES MANAGEMENT CONSULTING AND NOW DIGITAL MARKETING Mary-Jane Debreuil has been directly involved in the web development business since 1997 and excels in providing web solutions to a diverse client base. As the primary owner of OfficeSmarts, Mary-Jane has a wide knowledge of the aspects of site development, computer programming and Internet marketing, and can typically bring forward multiple solutions for a client to consider. Mary-Jane has personally developed many web sites over the years including the implementation and management of a 400-page Intranet site for a Canadian multi-national corporation. Since 2004, Mary-Jane has been supported by her husband Dan Debreuil. Dan’s core competencies and experience in the areas of marketing, sales consulting and sales management consulting are extensive. Dan has helped several well-known SME reorganize their business to better serve clients through the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan. Dan serves as an active Board member of the Manitoba Marketing Network, a non-profit organization whose mandate is to provide marketing advice to new and established Manitoba owned businesses. Over the years he has served on the Board, Dan has helped more than 200 Manitoba business owners with their marketing problems. LinkedIn: Observing that the sales process had gone online, a decision was made to merge the 2 businesses in 2015 and migrate into a full scale online marketing agency. This decision also culminated into OfficeSmarts becoming partners with Digital Marketer. The knowledge they have gained through that partnership has helped them focus on using the latest online marketing tactics to help clients and grow their business. Only one year following that partnership with Digital Marketer, OfficeSmarts was recognized by Facebook because of the 'rock star status' level of success some of their clients achieved using Facebook marketing. Facebook invited Dan on stage as a local expert at a Facebook for Business Training seminar hosted by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. OfficeSmarts has been steadily steering their clients to spend less expanding their sales teams and more on inbound marketing. Long gone are the days of hiring large sales teams with robust spending accounts. OfficeSmarts often recommends strong inbound marketing strategies that drive more qualified leads towards a professionally trained and structured inside sales team. This recommendation works to sell more with far less investment (much lower cost of sales). The success of OfficeSmarts comes from their commitment to build long-term relationships with their clients. It is through this commitment and dedication that has allowed their clients to realize their Internet potential and address their complex business challenges. Online marketing and strategy is our expertise, but in order for us to understand a client’s business, we realize it is critical to work closely with the client to develop a highly-functional web presence that informs, engages and converts customers.

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