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Marketing leaders with complex challenges love our unique—and boutique—approach to combining digital strategy with practical execution. We'll let our clients speak on our behalf: -KEIR, GLOBAL SENIOR MARKETING MANAGER CLOUD, ARROW ECS “When we engaged MESH to support our sales enablement programs for our key Cloud Partners, we had a good idea of what we needed to accomplish: the development of a flexible and agile sales toolkit. Very quickly, MESH was able to help my team identify key opportunities to expand this initiative into a best-in-class sales support system. Beginning with an Adaptive Persona Refinement Workshop and an Asset Audit, they developed our Cloud Partner messaging strategy, positioning, sales scripting, marketing automation email and workflows, and more. Detail-driven and responsive, I highly recommend MESH as a digital agency to any marketer who is looking to build value with their Sales team.” -MARTIN, EVP, CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT & M&A EVOLVING SYSTEMS “Evolving is growing and we wanted the external perspective of a digital marketing agency on how to brand, position, and market our newly integrated solutions. We contracted MESH to help us build a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that included developing a new brand, advanced messaging platform, and deep competitive analysis and positioning. Coupled with their unique approach to sales enablement, this ABM strategy is exactly what we needed.“ DAVE, MANAGER, ACQUISITION SECURITY ENGINEERING GOOGLE “Over the past 15 years, I have worked with dozens of marketing agencies. MESH Interactive is the only digital agency to care as much about my business and my goals as I do. Their team took the time to understand our strategy with the business unit at Lycos and delivered results that not only looked great but helped us move our business forward. We were able to reach new clients and maintain a presence in their minds. That was years ago, and I still work with MESH today, as they continue to deliver above and beyond. At Google, MESH designed an intensely creative physical installation helping us celebrate our diversity, which was eventually followed by a gorgeous video infographic that welcomes visitors to the Cambridge Campus. The marketing team at MESH is top notch.”

WE ARE THE DIGITAL AGENCY THAT HELPS YOU SOLVE THE TOUGH MARKETING PROBLEMS SHIFTING CUSTOMER DEMAND You’re smack in the middle of a seismic shift: multiple buyers, evolving needs, and non-linear buying processes often result in an extended and complex sales cycle. UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN WORTH Facing this, you need to understand your prospects’ key challenges and how to effectively communicate your unique value. AI-DRIVEN MARKETING STRATEGY
Through our proprietary combination of strategic marketing, branding, and technology, we’ll help you view and experience your service or product through your customers eyes, and market more effectively. HIGH ACCOUNTABILITY, FEW RESOURCES The pressure on marketers to deliver results has never been higher. Yet, somehow most marketing activities continue to be underfunded and understaffed. MAXIMIZE YOUR RESOURCES You want to deliver value, but you face constraints. You need to combine specific and appropriate marketing strategy and tactics with powerful marketing technologies. STOP RESPONDING AND START TRANSFORMING Based on more than a decade of “MESHING” new technologies with evolving business strategies, we can help you digitally transform the way you do marketing—and the way you do business. TOO MUCH DATA, TOO LITTLE INSIGHT As marketers, we have unprecedented access to data. Demographic, psychographic, and more. That data is scattered across platforms, channels, profiles and more. And what does it tell you? START KNOWING Do you know what data you have and how to leverage it to drive strategy? How does your business collect, use, and gain usable, pragmatic insight? GAIN ACTIONABLE INSIGHT At MESH, we don’t like to “guess” or “hope”. We like to know. That’s why we’ve developed deep expertise and tools in analyzing and interpreting data, with a focus on the value-driven insights it can provide.

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