Mark Hunter

Location:   Australia
About Mark Hunter

Mark Of Approval Web & Marketing is solely owned by me, Mark Hunter. It was created in response to clunky old websites that are difficult to use. You see, technology has advanced so much that building a website has gotten a lot easier. But it still takes time and a working knowledge of how things are structured. But once things are set up, you can have your independence. That’s what my clients want. Yet they also keep me around to keep the needle moving. Win win! Many of my clients have trouble with content, not knowing where to start or the best practices from both a web and marketing standpoint. Although, I am based in Brisbane, Australia; I service clients worldwide. I am best known for my specialisation in WordPress and feel I bring the power of advanced problem solving to every project I work on. I am currently concentrating on ecommerce design and membership sites. Technologies I’m comfortable with include WordPress, Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads alongside Active Campaign. I may be small with only 2 team members, but the buck stops with me. I am your first and last point of contact. If you are looking for assistance with your website, from somebody who has heavily studied digital marketer’s content, then why not reach out?

I love technology. I was a web developer in a past life. This has given me a fresh perspective on seeing how things work under the hood. It helps me problem solve. I’m also a very small team. I have 2 contractors on call to help with me. But this means I am able to focus on a select few clients while making impact in the life on both my clients and contractors. Quality work is very important to me. I deliver the best and sometimes my perfectionism can flaw me. This is why I take an objective approach using scorecards and worksheets to collect and analyse data. Finally, I’m also very passionate about giving opportunity to others.

 DM Silver Level Partner
  • Content Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Video Production
  • Website Design
  • Activecampaign
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