Legendary Leadgen

About Legendary Leadgen

Legendary Leadgen is a small team focused on being the best and easiest solution for marketing agencies to generate new sales conversations, without needing to do endless, boring prospecting.

At Legendary Leadgen, we help marketing agencies break out of the cycle of relying on referrals and similar inquiries to grow their business, by building out a predictable and reliable source for new sales conversations. The majority of our customers when they start working with us are unsure where their next clients are coming from and aren't pro-active about chasing down new projects due to the time required to prospect for high quality leads. We remedy this issue by doing all the leg-work on their behalf, so by the time the leads reach them, they feel like warm, interested inbound leads. They go from either not focusing on sales at all, or spending hours each day just trying to generate sales conversations - to waking up everyday and having a few new people who want to work with them to respond back to. Sales get a whole lot easier for them when they spend their days talking to people who are already interested to work with them.

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