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Let me share a brief story with you. It may help you understand why I am a good person for you to listen to. When I was 9 the US felt its’ second oil shock from the Middle East. Cars lined up for blocks to fill-up with gasoline that was rationed and that’s when I had my first taste of entrepreneurship. It was a hot 1979 summer day in the Philly suburbs and my Mamma helped me make lemonade to sell in my lemonade stand. I recruited my childhood girlfriend to act as “the face” while I hid nearby to protect her in case the line got “rowdy”. (Wish I had a picture of that lemonade stand). Fast forward to 2008, my girlfriend (now Wife) had a life-long dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Her dream was realized when she was laid-off from her stressful Corporate America job as a sales road warrior in 2008. I encouraged her to follow her dreams and she enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training program. She started our own website writing articles, blogs, newsletters, and we produced videos to promote the Yoga business in Philly. Using the analytical skills I gained as a Pro-Stock Trader, I analyzed how well the articles, blogs, and videos performed in Google and Bing search engine results, identify trending topics and make suggestions for future content. Over the last decade building successful Digital Marketing campaigns and Client Journey Processes for our clients, the most important lesson I’ve learned is whether you want to be a true owner or renter of your business. You see, when you over-rely on any network like Google, YouTube, or Facebook, you never really own the relationship with your audience, client, or prospect. No, you are really more of a renter than an owner and at risk when that network changes their algorithm, business decisions (favor larger Enterprise clients over Small to Medium, etc.) and/or their Terms of Service. Anyone of those changes can knockout a once-steady income source for you. To truly own your business and control your destiny you need to have the most direct way to contact your audience, clients and leads and that’s their email address. Yes, plain old email done correctly has the highest return on investment of any Digital Marketing channel. Leverage our expertise and Digital Marketing Certified Partner status to help your business grow.

We love numbers ( I was a former Professional Stock Trader) and helping you to tweak your business results. Using a data-based approach we determine which messages best resonate with your audience, clients, leads, and prospects so they have the greatest impact to your profits. Your sales funnel or flywheel should move your audience, clients, leads, and prospects sequentially through each stage of your Client Journey; helping you move them up the “Yes Ladder” through each stage. In a world often filled with lots of noise and defined by terms like B2B or B2C we believe in H2H; Human to Human. While we use technologies to automate and help optimize your Digital Marketing to reduce friction (points that slow down and complicate your sales cycle) we never forget that Human touch.

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