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Website:    http://www.hipb2b.com
About HIPB2B

As a leading solution provider, HIPB2B helps businesses connect with interested individuals at the companies they want to reach. We use a combination of marketing automation, content, email, and historical data to reach those interested parties. HIPB2B is a leading demand generation solution provider. We utilize content, historical engagement, behavior data, and outbound marketing to drive high-value outcomes for marketing and technology clients.

Every lead or contact you buy from HIPB2B is the result of the hard work and ingenuity of the entire team. When you put in a scope of work and pass along your content (PDFs, guides, white papers, etc.), our creative team immediately sets to work and designs the perfect email and landing page to promote it. Simultaneously, our team of data specialists begins building the perfect target group based on the criteria you provided. Once you approve the creative, your emails are scheduled to be sent at an optimal broadcast time. Before you know it, HIPB2B delivers a file containing your brand new leads or contacts.

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