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Do you want more customers for your business? Does your business have low visibility in your market space? Is there a lack of interest in the product or service you offer shown by your low conversion rates? Do you just lack experience in marketing and the time to get it done well? If you’re still reading, then what you need is a digital marketing firm that can start by asking you the most important question: “How can we help you?” — and actually listen — then refine your core goals and let the strategic digital marketing process unfold. At Half a Bubble Out, we specialize in growing your small business through digital marketing using a synergistic approach. We understand the Digital Marketer approach thoroughly and are not only partners but Certified Trainers with DM. Our services include: - Website Design - Content Development - Blogging - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Landing Page Creation - Pay-Per-Click/Online Ads - Analytics - Social Media Marketing - Lead Conversion - Email Marketing - Online Video We love the storytelling process; from listening to you tell your story, to asking questions and filling in the details, to translating your story for the world to hear. It’s the age-old process of transferring information…from word of mouth, to print, to film and now to digital form — we, as a race, use storytelling as the vehicle to share what we are passionate about. And we are passionate about helping you tell your story using which ever vehicle you choose. So, if you’re looking for other marketing services, we’ve got you covered through a variety of additional platforms including: - Business Consulting - Traditional Marketing - Advertising - Our core process at Half a Bubble Out is broken down into three clear phases: Craft it, Tell it, Live it - Crafting your marketing plan by listening to you, your needs, dreams, and goals for your business. - Telling your story by communicating with your audience in a compelling way to help you stand out in your industry. - Living out your mission by aligning your internal company with your external message, helping your company become a place where the owners and the employees thrive and find fulfillment in their work. We call this Passion and Provision. We ARE: - Authentic, real people who genuinely love what we do! - Willing to take the necessary time to understand you, your company, and your needs - Able and willing to give real world explanations - Strive to give honest, realistic expectations so you can make good decisions for your company We stand AGAINST: - Work that sucks - Businesses that fail - Help that doesn’t help After years of working with different size companies in multiple industries we discovered that every great and successful company does an amazing job in all three of these phases. Once we saw this we unlocked a powerful way to make awesome marketing that works. We also discovered that when a company is looking to grow beyond where they currently are, in size or revenue or performance, they invariably have a need to go back to one or more of these three core areas to tweak it or rewrite it. Does it surprise you that marketing permeates every area of our companies? The great news is that this means we can use the marketing lens and the three phases of Craft it, Tell it, Live it to create a plan that can systematically look at your company and uncover those hidden things that are holding you back. What the heck is Half a Bubble Out? The name Half a Bubble Out is a metaphor from the carpenter’s level. When something is slightly out of level, the “bubble” becomes “half-out.” Here at HaBO this symbolizes two things: The first is represented by the half a bubble that is “out” and means thinking creatively, reminding us to look at our clients and their challenges with fresh perspective and not through the same old grid. The half a bubble that remains “in” represents the need to maintain a strong foundation in the quality and skills of our craft as marketing consultants. This metaphor reminds us to strive towards giving you, the client, the creativity that will help your story stand out from the rest, with the quality of product you expect and deserve. Half a Bubble Out delivers nation-wide marketing strategy and advertising for both traditional and internet outlets, business consulting, website design, and mentorship in a skilled, professional capacity with personal care using passion and provision.

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